ChildrensPlayland4.jpg (9056 bytes)

is a group of parents
who would like to contribute to Jefferson Parks
by improving the condition and quality
of playground equipment.

This community-built project will need volunteers!

That's where You come in!
u Public Relations u Donated Material u Tools u Designs
Which is your specialty?
Meetings are held bi-weekly.  Call for dates and location.


Construction is planned for May 10 through 14.

To find out how to buy a tile, see the tile page.

To learn about and register for childcare
during construction, use this form.


Check out the Leathers & Associates site
to see other community playlands.

For a detailed view of the plans, click the image below. 




Ellen Meidl
N4804 Hwy. 89
Jefferson, WI 53549
Fax (920) 674-5534
Denise Breuer
Phone (920) 674-6114
N4962 Hwy 89
Jefferson, WI 53549