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The Friends of the Jefferson Area Senior Center, Inc. is a multi-purpose organization designed to assist and support the successful operations of the Jefferson Area Senior Center.

This auxiliary not only stimulates individuals to use the facility and its services, but it also conducts fund raising projects and assists in the recognition of volunteers.

People of all ages who are interested in the support and promotion of this center can obtain a membership for the Friends of the Jefferson Area Senior Center by calling (920) 674-7728.

859 Collins Road
Jefferson, WI 53549
Tel: (920) 647-7728 
Fax (920) 674-7710 


Opportunities Available to the Community Through the Jefferson Area Senior Center

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Recreational opportunities  hrtspc1.jpg (725 bytes)  Intergenerational programs  hrtspc1.jpg (725 bytes)  Nutrition site (60 yrs and older)


Donations can be made by
Planned giving through trust or will
Contributions or pledges
Property contributions


Your financial support will be used to help support
Existing programs and services
Future services and activities
Building improvements
On-going expenses

Contact: Hilde Will
324 N. Elizabeth Ave., #1
Jefferson, WI 53549
(920) 674-5764