From: Thomas C. Pinnow
To: 'Steve Lewis' ; 'Bob Coffman' ; 'Bruce Bierma' ; 'Chad Stelse' ; 'Cheryl Hansen' ; 'Chris Nash' ; 'Collin Stevens, Mayor' ; 'Dan Ludwig' ; 'Dave Knutson' ; 'Dev Traver' ; 'Jim VanLieshout' ; 'Kathleen Groskopf' ; 'Kevin Wenzel' ; 'Mike Swartz' ; 'Shirley Dempsey'
Sent: Friday, October 22, 2004 11:05 AM

Hi everyone:
This communication is for informational purposes only. Please hold any comments for our next meeting. Do NOT make comments via email because it could be construed as meeting outside of the public.
It came to my attention on October 21, 2004 that the city may have received a rough draft of a Development Agreement from Wal-Mart on or about September 27, 2004. I confirmed it today with the city administrator, The JDC is expected to take the lead in evaluating this proposal and make a recommendation in the very near future, so I expressed my extreme displeasure that the JDC (and the public) was not informed of this draft agreement when it was received. I have expressed my views to the city administrator and the mayor and would like to call a special meeting to discuss this break down in communication, as well as the agreement itself and where the JDC goes from here.
We will have a meeting next week, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday morning at 8:05am at city hall. I will discuss this further with Bruce and/or the mayor and let you know for sure. You will also receive a copy of the draft Wal-Mart has submitted.
If you have a conflict with either the 26th or the 27th please respond as soon as possible,
Tom Pinnow
President, Jefferson Development Commission
106 East John Street
Jefferson WI  53549-0312
920-674-5534 Fax