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Wal-Mart in Jefferson

JDC President Opposes Referendum

From: Thomas C. Pinnow
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Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 2004 12:04 PM
Subject: Tom's letter to the Mayor & Alderman

Ladies and Gentleman:

This is for your information only.

December 21, 2004

TO: Honorable Mayor and City Alderman

FROM: Tom Pinnow, President of the Jefferson Development Commission
(This is my personal opinion as the president of the JDC)

RE: The Wal-Mart Referendum

It is very disappointing that Mr. Olson persists in wanting the Wal-Mart project to go to referendum. It is particularly frustrating that he did not have the courtesy or the management sense to seek input from the Jefferson Development Commission. It is also disappointing that the JDC was not asked for input regarding the Jefferson County facilities study prior to that resolution appearing on tonights agenda. I whole heartedly support cooperating and working with the county. It is just frustrating that, again, the JDC was bypassed.

The city ordinance that established the Jefferson Development Commission states under Powers and Duties, The Jefferson Development Commission shall serve as an advisory Commission of the Common Council on all matters pertaining to economic development. Yet the JDC is ignored on these important business development issues.

If Mr. Olson feels so strongly about this issue why did he not make a presentation to the JDC, so that the JDC could consider his viewpoint, AND so that he could get feedback from the JDC? I also must question why the Mayor and City Administrator did not refer Mr. Olson to the JDC, first, for input.

I am compelled to tell you that many members of the Jefferson Development Commission, including myself, are questioning what our real role is in the citys hierarchy.

The Jefferson Development Commission represents a good cross section of talented and experienced business people that have a vested interest in our city. We are all very busy people, but we have chosen to donate our time for the benefit of our city. However, if the role and input of the Jefferson Development Commission is not taken seriously and continually bypassed by the city council we all can make better use of our time. If you do not respect our input, or if you have already made up your minds on business development anyway we are wasting our time.

Gentleman, the Jefferson Development Commission is on record, unanimously, as opposing a referendum for Wal-Mart. Please vote no on the proposed referendum. And, also, please inform me if the JDCs purpose, as stated above, has changed. If it has not then I respectfully ask that you follow appropriate management protocol on business development issues. If it has changed please let the JDC know its specific role before our next scheduled meeting on the 25th of January.

Tom Pinnow
106 East John Street
Jefferson WI 53549-0312
920-674-5534 Fax