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Wal-Mart - Olsen vs. Beyer



Officer: T. Behselich

Interview Margaret “Peg” Beyer

Narrative: On 8-5-05 I placed a phone call to Margaret Beyer at her workplace and requested that she stop at the Sheriffs Office to speak with me after her shift in regard to an incident from 7-19-05. She stated that she would stop by at approximately 5:30 pm.

At 5:30 pm Peg Beyer arrived voluntarily at the Sheriffs Office and I escorted her to an interview room where she was seated. I advised her that she was not under arrest and was free to leave at anytime. She said she understood and was willing to speak with me.

I advised Peg that Dave Olsen had filed a complaint about her calling him a “fucking liar” at the Landmark Saloon on 7-19-05. Peg immediately denied using the term “fucking” and stated that she did not use that type of language.

Peg explained that earlier that day she had been shown a CD recording of Dave Olsen’s press conference outside of the courthouse. During the question and answer portion, Olsen answered a question by saying that he would attempt to be careful how he said his statement; he went on to say that he had been offered campaign contributions by Wal Mart officials if he would change his vote about annexation. Peg told me that she felt this statement was inferring that she had been offered or received money from Wal Mart officials since she had changed her vote regarding annexation.

Peg stated that this inference greatly upset her and after the City Council meeting she went to the Landmark to give Olsen a piece of her mind. She said that when she arrived at the Landmark she called Olsen a liar and said words to the affect of “how dare he accuse her of taking money from Wal Mart officials for her vote change”. She again said she did not use the term “fucking”.

I then advised Peg that Ann Palm also stated that Peg used the term “fucking liar” while confronting Dave Olsen. Peg asked me if a statement like that was going to get her arrested. I advised her that she would not be arrested and would be going home whenever our interview was completed. She stated that she truthfully could not remember exactly what she said, but if Ann Palm heard her say “fucking liar”; that Peg had indeed said it. According to Peg, the whole episode left her very frustrated and upset.

After making her initial statement to Dave Olsen, Peg also made a comment about Olsen and Wagner conducting an illegal meeting because they were sitting by themselves at one end of the bar.

According to Peg, Olsen and Wagner are the majority of a committee in the City of Jefferson’s government and by sitting alone by themselves, this could be construed as a violation of open meetings laws. She said that this type of activity gives the appearance of impropriety and she felt that they should not be doing this type of thing.

Peg stated that she went over and sat by Ann and Lew Palm and had a beer, without having any further interactions with Dave Olsen. After Olsen left Peg said she spoke with John Wagner and apologized for what she had said.

Peg advised me that at no time had Wal Mart ever made her an offer of campaign funds or any similar offer in order to get her to change her vote. She did not feel that Dave Olsen was approached by Wal Mart either and felt that this statement by him was untrue.

Peg said that since Olsen’s press conference and statement, she has been approached by numerous people who have told her that they did not think or that they knew she had not taken a bribe from Wal Mart. She felt that because people were making such statements to her, it only followed that there were other people who felt that she had in fact taken a bribe; therefore, she has been upset over this entire incident.

I advised Peg that according to Dave Olsen, if she was willing to admit her mistake and apologize to him, he would be satisfied as far as this investigation was concerned. Peg said at this point she didn’t feel she could apologize to Olsen. I cautioned her not to have any other contact with Dave Olsen regarding this incident. Peg said she had no intention of doing so.

Peg apologized for initially not admitting to using the word “fucking” while addressing Olsen. She said she was embarrassed by herself using that word and does not normally use that type of language. I told her that would be duly noted.

I advised Peg that I would be speaking with everyone present at the time of the incident and would be writing up my report and conferring with Det. Sgt. Lee about what action, if any, would be taken.

Peg provided the enclosed written statement. Our interview was concluded and Peg was escorted out of the Sheriffs Office.

Recording by Det. Behselich


c: Det. Behselich