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Wal-Mart - Olsen vs. Beyer



Officer: T. Behselich

Interview witness Thomas Giorgi

Case: 05-22517

Date of Report: 8/17/2005

Location: Landmark Saloon, Jefferson

Narrative: On 8-17-05 I made contact with Thomas Giorgi at the Landmark Saloon in Jefferson. Thomas was the bartender on 7-19-05 when this incident occurred.

Thomas advised that while he was tending bar that night, Peg Beyer came in through the side door and approached David Olsen. Beyer said something to Olsen, after which a short conversation ensued. Beyer then went to the other end of the bar and had a drink.

Thomas said he did not hear exactly what Beyer said to Olsen, other than it was something about Olsen lying. Thomas did not know the exact verbiage and said that he did not remember Beyer swearing at all when she spoke to Olsen.

Thomas told me there was nothing physical between Beyer and Olsen. Their voices were immediately lowered after the short contact between them.

Olsen and John Wagner were sitting on the west end of the bar at the time of the contact. Thomas was at the other end of the bar watching television and did not hear what was said between Olsen and Beyer.

According to Thomas, there was no real disturbance involving in this incident and there was no shocking behavior by anyone. He indicated that the incident was nothing that he hasn’t seen on many occasions in the bar.

Recording by Det. Behselich

(t-8-l 8-05-las)

c: Det. Behselich