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Wal-Mart - Olsen vs. Beyer


Officer: T. Behselich

Interview Dave Olsen


Narrative: On 8-2-05 I placed a phone call to Dave Olsen and advised him that I had been assigned to this investigation and requested an interview with him. Dave told me that he was busy with a visitation on that date and had 2 funerals on 8-3-05, but that he was free on 8-4-05 and would contact me at 2:00 pm to schedule an interview.

On 8-4-05 I did not receive a phone call from Dave Olsen, so at 3:30 pm I placed a phone call and spoke with his secretary and left a message for him to contact me.

At approximately 6:25 pm I received a call from Dave Olsen, who said that he was on his way to the Sheriffs Office to speak with me. I met him in the lobby and escorted him to an interview room. Dave provided me with the enclosed written statement which he had prepared.

I went over the incident of 7-19-05 with Dave Olsen. He explained that earlier that day he held a press conference reference the recall situation and the allegations made against him about open meetings violations. He stated that while he was at the Landmark Saloon that night with John Wagner, Peg Beyer came into the establishment, approached him and called him a “fucking liar”.

Dave assumed that she was upset over a comment during his press conference about Wal Mart supporting the campaigns of their supporters. He said he had been approached by Wal Mart representatives, who told him that they supported the campaigns of people who supported them. Dave said that at no time during his press conference was any comment made by him about Peg Beyer.

Dave told me that he was offended, shocked and annoyed by Peg’s conduct toward him at the Landmark.

I advised Dave that I had spoken with John Wagner earlier, and he advised that during the question and answer portion of the press conference someone asked about Peg Beyer specifically and Wal Mart’s support of political campaigns in Jefferson. Dave responded by saying “To the best of my recollection” no one mentioned Peg Beyer at all.

He stated that John Foust had apparently video taped the press conference and has it on a CD. Dave told me that he had not personally viewed the CD, but to the best of his recollection no one mentioned Peg Beyer specifically.

I asked Dave who else was present at the bar when this incident occurred. He told me that Ann Roscoff and her boyfriend, who he thought was Lewis Palm, were at the east end of the bar, while Dave and John Wagner sat at the west end of the bar.

Dave told me that after Peg called him a “fucking liar” he responded by asking her what she was talking about. She then stated that Dave implied that she was “on the take” or something to that affect. After this exchange Dave said he stayed for a few minutes to collect himself. There was no further interaction between Dave and Peg. After that Dave said he left.

After considering his options and after speaking with Chief Bleecker of JEPD, Dave decided to go forward with this complaint. He felt that he had given Peg Beyer plenty of time to contact him and apologize for her conduct. I advised him that I would be speaking with the other witnesses of this incident and to Peg Beyer about it as well. Dave said he did not want to have any contact with Peg Beyer unless she was calling him to apologize. He felt that once she leamed of this complaint she would become upset again and call him up to yell at him. I advised him that I would caution her against such action.

Dave told me that at this point he was just looking for Peg Beyer to admit that she was wrong and had made a mistake in her conduct. I asked Dave to be clear about what he wanted out of this investigation. I asked him if it was sufficient for Peg Beyer to apologize to him, and he confirmed that if she apologized that was as far as the investigation needed to go He said he wanted the complaint on record and wanted Peg to admit her mistake. He then asked me if I thought it was too much to ask for her to apologize to him. I advised Dave that it was not my decision to make.

I escorted Dave out of the Sheriffs Office when the interview was complete.

Recording by Det. Behselich


c: Det. Behselich