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Wal-Mart - Olsen vs. Beyer



Officer: T. Behselich

Interview Ann Palm


Narrative: On 8-4-05 I made phone contact with Ann Palm at her residence and advised her of the nature of my investigation. She stated that she was present at the Landmark on 7-19-05 with her husband, Lewis Palm.

According to Ann, she had just gotten done talking with Dave Olsen at the bar. Dave went over to where John Wagner was sitting. Peg Beyer then came into the bar, walked directly over to Dave and called him a “Fucking liar”. She also stated something to the affect of “how dare Dave imply that she took a bribe from Wal Mart”. After this exchange Peg came over and sat near Ann and Lewis and appeared to be very upset. Ann said there was no further interaction between Dave and Peg. Shortly after this Peg’s son came in and sat by her.

According to Ann, she really didn’t pay attention to when Dave and John left the bar. Neither talked to Peg after the initial exchange. As far as Ann saw, Dave did not make any response to Peg after she said her piece.

I asked Ann if she was offended or shocked by Peg’s conduct. She said that the exchange made her feel a little uncomfortable, but this was not a situation where she felt there would be a fight or that she should leave as a result of the exchange.

Recording by Det. Behselich


c: Det. Behselich