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Wal-Mart - Olsen vs. Beyer


Officer: T. Behselich

Interview witness John Wagner

Case: 05-22517 Date of Report: 8/4/2005

Location: 123 E. Mechanic St, Jefferson

Narrative: On 8-4-05 I made contact with John Wagner at his residence. I advised him of my investigation. He said he was unaware that Dave Olsen had filed a complaint and was surprised that the matter had gone this far.

According to John Wagner, he and Dave Olsen were at the Landmark having a drink after their council meeting of 7-19-05. While at the bar Peg Beyer came in the door and immediately came up to Dave and yelled at him, saying something to the affect of “You lying SOB!”

I asked John if he could be specific about what Peg said to Dave, and he said he was not sure of the exact words. I advised John that Dave alleged that Peg called him a “fucking liar”. John again said he was not sure of the exact words, but said there was a curse word involved in what Peg said to Dave.

According to John, this incident stemmed from a press conference that Dave Olsen conducted earlier in the day at the courthouse. This involved a recall petition against Dave and allegations that he had meetings that violated open meetings laws. John said after the press conference there was a question and answer period. John heard that someone raised questions about Peg Beyer and possible contributions to campaign funds from Wal Mart, to which Dave Olsen responded by saying that he had been approached by Wal Mart and told that if he supported Wal Mart coming into Jefferson, they would contribute to his campaign fund. John said that he heard Peg Beyer felt that Dave Olsen was implying that she had taken money from Wal Mart to change her vote regarding the annexation of land for the city of Jefferson and was upset about this.

John said he was not at the press conference and could not say exactly what was said or how it was said. John told me he heard that minutes of the press conference were taken, but none were taken of the question and answer period. However, he thought that John Foust had a tape of the entire press conference and question and answer period, which was how Peg Beyer got the information about Olsen’s comments.

John felt that as the council they should get away from these types of activities and work together toward the common good of Jefferson. He wanted to play more of the middle of the road type role in any dispute between Olsen and Beyer.

I asked John if he was shocked or offended by Beyer’s conduct, and he said he was somewhat shocked by her conduct and surprised that she got so mad at Olsen. John said that Peg Beyer could be high strung and was obviously upset over the incident. He didn’t think that she meant things the way they had come out, but was upset with Dave Olsen and about what she thought had been said.

John felt that Peg deserved at most a warning for her conduct and did not feel that she should be charged with anything. He said several times that he felt a warning was sufficient.

John indicated that other than himself, Dave Olsen and Peg Beyer, the people present during the initial incident included bartender was Tom Giorgi, Ann from Mueller Drugs and her boyfriend.

Before leaving John told me that he spoke with Peg Beyer after the incident and she apologized for her conduct, stating that she was upset about the entire situation.

Recording by Det. Behselich


c: Det. Behselich