Consulting Services


  • Suffering from spyware, viruses or slowdowns?
  • Need to reformat and rebuild your computer, to make it like it was when it was new?
  • Need to upgrade your computers?
  • Thinking about adding a computer network?
  • Would you like to connect your office computers to the Internet with a dedicated connection?
  • Experienced in desktop publishing, video production, digital photography, marketing and writing
  • Web site creation and e-commerce systems
  • Word, Quark, Excel, Access, Illustrator, PhotoShop
  • C, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Visual Basic
  • More than twenty years experience, from personal computers to mainframes
  • Expertise in interconnection of Mac, PC and Unix computers and data can help.  We'd be glad to assist you with your computing plans.  We're happy to cooperate with your existing vendors of computer hardware and networking services. 

Call John Foust for answers to all your questions. I am equally adept at supporting PC, Macintosh and Unix workstations, from the low-level hardware to today's most popular software packages. 

With more than twenty years of experience in the personal computer business, I can solve problems with both old equipment and new.I am no stranger to the Internet. I've developed web content for dozens of top local companies and organizations, such as Rowe Pottery's site and e-commerce system, database to web connectivity for Cygnus Publishing, as well as, a community resource site for Jefferson County.

I enjoy helping different types of computers share data. This sort of multi-platform connectivity can prevent wasted effort and leverage your existing hardware for as long as possible. Networking is part of this, along with software connectivity. I've programmed for many years in languages such as C, C++, BASIC, Perl, PHP and Java.

With a background in computer graphics, multimedia, desktop publishing and video production, I am expert in programs such as Quark, Illustrator and PhotoShop. With my digital camera and scanners, I can produce professional electronic photography.

As an effective writer, communicator and tutor, I can help your employees learn new skills. Because I'm not aligned with particular dealers, vendors or Internet service providers, I can help you determine if your computer upgrades and purchases make financial sense.

Please keep me in mind for your next computing task. Feel free to call me at (920) 674-5200 if you have any questions, or send an email to .
235 South Main St.
Jefferson, WI 53549
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