Jefferson County - Board of Supervisors - Minutes  - 1999

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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1999, 7:30 P.M.



Mr. Wendell A. Wilson and Mr. Raymond C. Kisow presiding.


The meeting was called to order by Mr. Wilson.


Mr. Foskett led the Pledge of Allegiance.


A moment of silence was observed.


County Clerk Barbara A. Frank called the roll, all members being present, except Mrs. Klein and Mr. Borland.


District 1 Rose M. Schreiber District 2 Mary P. Klein

District 3 Lloyd A. Holterman District 4 Denise A. Smith

District 5 Susan L. Lidholm District 6 Ronald D. Buchanan

District 7 Harriet M. Schwoch District 8 Wendell A. Wilson

District 9 Carl F. Jaeger District 10 Dean Kramer

District 11 Leon W. Zimdars District 12 James Hartwig

District 13 Janet Sayre Hoeft District 14 Patrick Curtin

District 15 Steven J. Nass District 16 Raymond C. Kisow, Jr.

District 17 Reuben Schroedl District 18 Alfred J. Foskett

District 19 Peter J. Thomsen, Sr. District 20 Kathleen A. Groskopf

District 21 Iona K. Turner District 22 John L. Weiss

District 23 Lisle Piper, Jr. District 24 Patricia A. Potter

District 25 August J. Lehmann District 26 Alan G. Keating

District 27 Glen Borland District 28 Robert Rupnow

District 29 John Fiske District 30 Lavern Maasz



Mr. Kisow, member of the Budget Committee, moved that the proposed 2000 Jefferson County Budget be taken from the table. Seconded and carried.


Mr. Kisow moved that the Board consider the proposed 2000 Budget as if in Committee of the Whole. Seconded and carried.


The floor was opened for public comment.


Mr. Roger Rude spoke regarding Countryside Home additional personnel needs.


Mr. Dana Rygiewicz addressed the Board regarding his concerns about the removal of burial expenses from the Human Services portion of the Budget.


Mr. Ron Martin and Mr. Greg David spoke in support of the Jefferson County Land Trust.


Mr. Kisow moved that the proposed 2000 Budget be laid on the table. Seconded and carried.


Mr. Buchanan moved that the Board adjourn. Seconded and carried at 7:51 p.m.