Jefferson County - Board of Supervisors - Minutes  - 2001

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TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2001, 7:00 P.M.


Mr. Wendell A. Wilson and Mr. Raymond C. Kisow presiding.


Mr. Lehmann led the Pledge of Allegiance.


A moment of silence was observed.


The County Clerk called the roll, all members being present except Mr. Laudenslager.


District 1 Rose M. Schreiber District 2 Mary P. Klein

District 3 Marvin Altreuter District 4 Yvonne R. Duesterhoeft

District 5 Rodney L. Laudenslager District 6 Marvin L. Munyon

District 7 Raymond Berg District 8 Wendell A. Wilson

District 9 Howard C. Wiedenhoeft District 10 Dean Kramer

District 11 Leon W. Zimdars District 12 James Hartwig

District 13 Janet Sayre Hoeft District 14 Pamela Rogers

District 15 Steven J. Nass District 16 Raymond C. Kisow, Jr.

District 17 Sharon L. Schmeling District 18 John C. Kylmanen

District 19 Peter J. Thomsen, Sr. District 20 Kathleen A. Groskopf

District 21 Allen W. Ley District 22 John L. Weiss

District 23 Lisle Piper, Jr. District 24 Patricia A. Potter

District 25 August J. Lehmann District 26 Alan G. Keating

District 27 Glen Borland District 28 Robert Rupnow

District 29 Paul G. Babcock District 30 Lavern Maasz


This special board meeting is held for the purpose of adopting a tentative redistricting plan and any other such business which may be appropriate.


There were no communications.


The floor was opened for public comment.


Melvin Guenterberg and Judy Almquist spoke in favor of tentative redistricting plan proposal 30B.


The regular order of business resumed.


Mr. Hartwig read Resolution No. 2001-15.


WHEREAS, State law adds a jail assessment of at least $10.00 to every fine or forfeiture ordered by the Jefferson County and municipal court systems, and


WHEREAS, such funds are accumulated in a segregated account for the purpose of maintenance and improvement of the Jefferson County Jail, and


WHEREAS, the Law Enforcement Committee has received bids for the replacement of the existing security system, consisting of electronic door controls including emergency release mechanisms, and


WHEREAS, the following bids were received:


Accurate Controls, Inc. $212,000.00, Inc. $210,000.00

Com-Tec, Inc. $245,800.00




WHEREAS, the Law Enforcement Committee recommends accepting the low bid of, Inc.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Sheriff is authorized to contract with, Inc. for replacement of the jail security system in the amount of $210,000.00, which funds shall come from the segregated jail assessment account.


Mr. Hartwig moved that Resolution No. 2001-15 be adopted. Seconded and carried by the following roll call:



Ayes: Schreiber, Klein, Altreuter, Duesterhoeft, Munyon, Wilson, Wiedenhoeft, Kramer, Zimdars, Hartwig, Hoeft, Rogers, Nass, Kisow, Schmeling, Kylmanen, Thomsen, Groskopf, Ley, Weiss, Piper, Potter, Lehmann, Keating, Borland, Rupnow, Babcock, Maasz. Total 28.


Noes: Berg. Total 1.


Absent: Laudenslager. Total 1.


Mr. Munyon read Ordinance No. 2001-07.


WHEREAS, Section 3.03(12) of the County Board Rules establishes the number of pages of an annual report which shall be printed in the minutes, and


WHEREAS, the Legislation & Rules Committee has reviewed the cost of publishing and printing the County Board minutes and believes savings will result from not routinely including annual reports in the minutes.




3.03(12) of the County Board Rules shall be amended as follows:


(12) Annual reports will be received and placed on file and not printed in the minutes unless the Board otherwise directs.


This ordinance shall be effective upon passage and publication.


Mr. Munyon moved that Ordinance No. 2001-07 be laid on the table. Seconded and carried.


Mr. Kisow presented the Reapportionment Committee report and moved to suspend the vocal reading of same.




Reapportionment Committee


The Jefferson County Reapportionment Committee was appointed at the December 2000 County Board meeting by Board Chair Wendell A. Wilson to develop a new Supervisory District Plan. The district boundaries in the new plan adopted by the Board will first be used to elect supervisors in the spring of 2002 election and subsequent County Board elections over the next 10 years. The Reapportionment Committee has reviewed the current supervisory district plan, county board/committee structure, board costs, municipality input, census data and plan options ranging from 26 to 30 districts.


Census Data


Jefferson County Clerk Barb Frank received the Census 2000 Redistricting Data from the State of Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau on April 2, 2001. The 2000 Census reported a total population of 74,021. However Jefferson County is working with the City of Whitewater, Walworth County and the Census Bureau to correct some erroneous block counts in the City of Whitewater. The corrections should bring the total population in the 2000 census for Jefferson County to about 75,784, an increase of 11.8% from the last census. The adjusted census figures have been used to develop tentative supervisory district plan options.


The receipt of the Census 2000 Redistricting Data on April 2, 2001, started the 60-day period set by state law in which the County Board is required to adopt a Tentative Supervisory District Plan. The special meeting of the County Board on May 29, 2001, was authorized by Board members to meet the 60-day deadline.


Municipality Input


The Reapportionment Committee has considered input from local municipalities. The Towns of Koshkonong, Oakland, Palmyra, Sullivan, Sumner, Watertown and the City of Watertown have provided written input. Town of Jefferson and Town of Koshkonong representatives spoke to the committee at its meeting on April 26, 2001.


Public Hearing


Proposals 26A and 30B were presented at the public hearing held during the County Board meeting on May 8, 2001. A report and detailed plan maps were available for viewing. The only public testimony at the hearing was from two representatives of the Town of Jefferson board who spoke against proposal 30B, because it would place three supervisory districts in the Town of Jefferson. The Town of Jefferson representatives supported proposal 30A previously developed by the Reapportionment Committee, but not presented at the hearing. In response to the hearing testimony, the Reapportionment Committee decided to bring proposal 30A along with 30B and 26A to the Board for consideration.


Reapportionment In Other Counties


A poll of 14 Wisconsin counties with populations between 50,000 and 100,000 residents was taken to determine the status of their reapportionment process in regard to board size. Eleven of the 14 counties (Chippewa 29, Dodge 37, Eau Claire 29, Grant 31, Manitowoc 25, Ozaukee 32, Portage 29, St. Croix 31, Sauk 31, Waupaca 27, Wood 38) had either adopted tentative plans without changing the number of supervisors or were not considering changing their board size when the poll was concluded on May 18, 2001. Walworth County has voted to reduce its board from 35 to 25 members. Fond du Lac County is considering reducing its board from 36 to 30 members and La Crosse County is considering an increase from 34 to 35 members.


Board Size and Committee Structure


The Reapportionment Committee has studied the County Board size with respect to Board costs and committee structure. The cost saving of reducing the Board from 30 to 26 members would be approximately $2,700 in per diem and mileage expenses per year. The saving estimate is based on 4 supervisors attending 13 County Board meetings per year. There are currently 87 committee appointments held by County Board members, excluding the Reapportionment Committee. The committee sizes and duties are essentially governed by County Board Rules. However, some committees have statutory requirements. The general consensus of the Reapportionment Committee is that consolidation and realignment of committees could be made to accommodate a 26 member board and may be advantageous regardless of which supervisory plan is adopted. Savings are more likely to be generated by realignment of committees than from reduction of the size of the board.


Plan Options


The Reapportionment Committee has forwarded tentative supervisory district plan proposals 26A, 30A and 30B for County Board consideration. The following statistics and enclosed maps summarize the three proposals.

26A District Proposal


Municipality Divisions: 11

Average District Population: 2,915

Highest District Population: 3,052

Lowest District Population: 2,778

Average Deviation: 2.2%

Largest Plus Deviation: 4.7%

Largest Minus Deviation: 4.7%

Deviation Range: 9.4%

30A District Proposal

Municipality Divisions: 12

Average District Population: 2,526

Highest District Population: 2,652

Lowest District Population: 2,406

Average Deviation: 2.3%

Largest Plus Deviation: 4.8%

Largest Minus Deviation: 5.0%

Deviation Range: 9.8%

30B District Proposal

Municipality Divisions 11

Average District Population: 2,526

Highest District Population: 2,634

Lowest District Population: 2,398

Average Deviation: 2.5%

Largest Plus Deviation: 5.1%

Largest Minus Deviation: 4.3%

Deviation Range: 9.4%

Plan Selection Procedure


The Reapportionment Committee recommends suspension of County Board rules and the use of signed ballots to determine the board size and tentative plan. The Board should first determine the question of a 26 or 30 member board. A ballot will be provided for this choice. State law requires the ballot be signed, or it can not be counted.


If the 26-member size is selected, proposal 26A will be before the Board. If no amendments are made, 26A will need to be formally adopted as the Tentative Supervisory District Plan.


If the 30-member size is selected, ballots will be provided for the choice between Tentative Supervisory District Plan proposals 30A or 30B. The ballot must be signed to be counted. If no amendments are made to the option selected, it will need to be formally adopted as the Tentative Supervisory District Plan.




Respectfully submitted,


Reapportionment Committee

Raymond C. Kisow, Jr. (Chair)

Janet Sayre Hoeft

Alan J. Keating

Allen W. Ley

Howard C. Wiedenhoeft

Mr. Kisow moved that the report be accepted, placed on file and portions printed in the minutes. Seconded and carried.


Mr. Kisow moved to suspend the rules and proceed to select a redistricting plan using the method set forth in the committee report. Seconded and carried.


Mr. Wilson appointed the following ballot clerks: Mr. Kramer, Mr. Nass and Mr. Borland.


Following discussion, the Board then proceeded to vote on the adoption of a Tentative Supervisory District Plan. At the recommendation of the Reapportionment Committee, the rules were suspended and the ballot was prepared for the selection of either a 26 Member Plan or a 30 Member Plan. The Clerk called the roll with the following results:


26 Member Plan: Munyon, Berg, Wiedenhoeft, Hoeft, Rogers, Schmeling, Kylmanen, Weiss, Keating, Babcock. Total 10.


30 Member Plan: Schreiber, Klein, Altreuter, Duesterhoeft, Wilson, Kramer, Zimdars, Hartwig, Nass, Kisow, Thomsen, Groskopf, Ley, Piper, Potter, Lehmann, Borland, Rupnow, Maasz. Total 19.


Absent: Laudenslager. Total 1.


The 30 Member Plan having received a majority of the votes cast, ballots were provided for the selection between Proposal 30A or 30B. The Clerk called the roll with the following results:


30A Member Plan: Schreiber, Klein, Duesterhoeft, Munyon, Berg, Hartwig, Hoeft, Rogers, Nass, Kisow, Schmeling, Groskopf, Rupnow, Babcock. Total 14.


30B Member Plan: Altreuter, Wilson, Wiedenhoeft, Kramer, Zimdars, Kylmanen, Thomsen, Ley, Weiss, Piper, Potter, Lehmann, Keating, Borland, Maasz. Total 15.


Absent: Laudenslager. Total 1.


The Chair asked if anyone wanted to amend the option. There being none, 30B was adopted as the Tentative Supervisory District Plan. Seconded and carried.


There being no further business, Mr. Thomsen moved that the Board adjourn. Seconded and carried at 7:53 p.m.