Jefferson County - Ordinances
Chapter 1

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Chapter 1. Adopting Code and Revisor Powers

The County Board of Supervisors of the County of Jefferson, Wisconsin, do ordain as follows:

1.01. The County Board having authorized preparation of a code of the general ordinances of Jefferson County, and these ordinances having been on file with the County Clerk for more than two weeks, this Code is hereby adopted as the General Ordinances of Jefferson County and shall be in effect upon publication.

1.02. Any amendments or additions to this Code are incorporated in this Code so that a reference to the Jefferson County Code includes such amendments and additions.

1.03. All public and general ordinances or parts thereof not included in this Code are hereby repealed except curative ordinances, those granting or limiting rights or franchises, making appropriations or authorizing issuance of bonds.

1.04. The provisions of this Code, so far as substantially the same as existing ordinances, are continuations of said ordinances and not new enactments. Any act done, offense committed or right accrued; any liability, penalty, forfeiture or punishment incurred prior to this repeal are not affected by repeal but are to be treated under a continuing ordinance without break or discontinuance.

1.05. Any ordinance previously repealed shall not be considered reenacted by virtue of this Code unless included herein. This repeal and reenactment shall not impair or affect any curative or validating ordinance.

1.06. A copy of the Code of General Ordinances shall remain permanently on file in the office of the County Clerk.

1.07. The Corporation Counsel may renumber any chapter or section of the County Ordinance for the purpose of revision, and shall change reference numbers to agree with any renumbered chapter or section. He shall also change any references to state statute to agree with any renumbering of such statute.

1.08. The Corporation Counsel shall cause all words and names in the County Ordinances to be correctly spelled and shall correct any obvious typographical errors.

1.09. The Corporation Counsel may delete surplus words and modernize language to correspond to current drafting style. No such change shall have the effect of changing the meaning or substance of any ordinance.

1.10. Periodically, when directed by the County Board, the Corporation Counsel shall prepare or have prepared for printing the County Ordinances which shall contain all general ordinances in effect together with a chapter index.