Jefferson County - Ordinances
Ordinance 93-04

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An Ordinance regulating parking in the lots east and west of the County Courthouse.

The Building and Insurance Committee and the Law Enforcement Committee acting jointly may designate areas in the Courthouse parking lots and in the lot across Center Avenue for the parking of vehicles, may limit parking by type of vehicle or operator, and may fix time limits for parking in such areas.

SECTION 1. DEFINITIONS. (1) Business shall be defined to include without limitation by enumeration, any transaction, public meeting, administrative functions, court appearances, payment of money, procurement of a license, permit or service, as for and/or with the County and its various offices, departments, etc.

(2) Parking areas shall include the following:

(a) Lot A - the lot adjacent to and east of the Courthouse.

(b) Lot B - the lot across Center Avenue from the Courthouse.

(c) Lot C - the lot adjacent to and west of the Courthouse.

SECTION 2. RESTRICTED PARKING SPACES. The Joint Committee may designate where and how extensive the following restricted parking spaces shall be:

(1) A no parking, loading only zone near the entrance to the Jail kitchen.

(2) Four parking spaces in the lot east of the Courthouse for handicapped persons.

(3) Limited term parking spaces, not to exceed nine, to be designated and to have limits established by the Building and Insurance Committee.

(4) Lot C to be designated as permit parking only, with permits issued by the judges of the Circuit Court.


Use of the Courthouse parking areas shall be limited to County employees and persons having business with the County.

SECTION 4. PROHIBITIONS. (1) Improper Parking. No person shall park any vehicle in a parking lot across lines painted on the pavement to designate parking spaces, in lanes of traffic, across parking lot exits or entrances, or in any area designated no parking.

(2) Improper Handicapped Parking. No person shall park any vehicle in any handicapped zone unless said person meets the requirements of state law for use of such parking space.

(3) Loading Zone Parking. No person shall park any vehicle in a designated loading zone unless actually engaged in loading or unloading.

(4) No Permit Parking. No person shall park any vehicle in a designated permit only parking zone unless that person is the holder of a judicial permit.

(5) Overtime Parking. No person shall park any vehicle in a time limited zone for longer than the designated time limit.

(6) State or federal business vehicles shall be parked in Lot B.

SECTION 4. PENALTIES. (1) The Sheriff or his designee may authorize the towing away and storage of any vehicle parked so as to restrict ingress or egress from any parking area or for repeated violations.

(2) Any person who violates the Courthouse Parking Regulations shall be subject to a forfeiture according to the following schedule, together with any applicable surcharges or special fees:

(a) Improper Parking - $20.00

(b) Improper Handicapped Parking - $50.00

(c) Loading Zone Parking - $20.00

(d) No Permit Parking - $20.00

(e) Overtime Parking - $5.00

(f) Any other violation - $5.00

SECTION 5. RESPONSIBILITY FOR VIOLATIONS. Whenever any vehicle has been parked in violation of any of the provisions of this chapter, the person in whose name such vehicle is registered shall be prima facie responsible for such violation and subject to the penalty, unless a person other than the registered owner is found to be driving the vehicle at the time of the alleged violation, in which case the citation shall be issued to the operator of the vehicle.


Adopted by the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors this 8th day of June, 1993.



Wendell A. Wilson, Chairman





Barbara A. Geyer, County Clerk



Published the ____ day of June, 1993.