Fort Atkinson City Council - Minutes - 2000

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APRIL 6, 2000




A regular meeting of the City Council was called to order by President Pattow at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building.




On call of the roll members present were:


LaVerne Behrens

Gordon Day, Jr.

Bill Flood

Bruce Johnston

Ken Pattow


Also present were the City Manager, City Attorney, City Clerk/Treasurer, City Engineer, Assistant City Engineer and Building Inspector.






Cm. Day moved to approve the minutes of the March 21, 2000 regular Council meeting. Motion seconded by Cwmn. Behrens. Motion carried on a voice vote.






Attorney Michael Grubb of Brennan, Steil, Basting & MacDougall law offices at 1 E. Milwaukee Ave., Janesville, addressed the Council on behalf of the Buchtas. Mr. Grubb handed out a booklet of information to the Council and explained the different pieces of information enclosed. Included in the packet was a letter from the State of Wisconsin Dept. of Administration stating that the proposed annexation had been submitted to their office and reviewed and found not to be against the public interest. Mr. Grubb also spoke and showed the Council some comparative assessments around the City of Fort Atkinson and stated that when the property is fully developed, it is anticipated to generate $100,000 in taxes for the City. Mr. Grubb also wanted to refute some mis-statements that had been made about the zoning of the area and re-iterated the Town of Koshkonong land is ag zoning and that this property would be R-1 and R-2 as part of the City of Fort Atkinson which does comply with the uses in the area.


Mr. Grubb continued on by reviewing with the Council a letter from the Chief of the City of Fort Atkinson Fire Dept. Tom Emrick in which the Fire Chief states that he does approve of the plans for a 24 ft. wide entrance to the area and the proposed 36 ft. wide with an 80 ft. diameter cul-de-sac on the property. This would be an acceptable entrance and exit for fire equipment.


Mr. Grubb's final point was in regard to the amount of traffic in the area. He stated that when the area was fully developed, there was only an estimate of 120 cars a day driving through the area including the coming and going of the residents. He stated that the general rule for a four-way stop at an intersection needs to have 500 cars per hour through the area which, even fully developed, this area will have far less cars then that.


The next speaker was Mr. James Woodman of Woodman & Associates at 210 Madison Ave., Fort Atkinson. He stated that he is the surveyor for this project. Mr. Woodman addressed the Council to assure them that the driveway widths were adequate for emergency vehicles. Mr. Woodman also assured the Council that in the next steps of the project there will be a developer's agreement and therefore, the City Council will be well aware of all aspects of the project before they occur. Finally, Mr. Woodman did want to assure the Council that the drainage through this area which does begin in the township, drains through the City and through this property will continue to do so and eventually will flow back out into town wetlands.


Next to address the Council was Mr. Greg Ringsbury of McKay Nursery. Mr. Ringsbury stated that he has been hired by Mr. Buchta to harvest the existing trees on his lot and to develop the landscape for this project. Mr. Ringsbury stated that according to the plans by Mr. Buchta and Mepham there will be a replant thicker than normal between this property and the City's property and that Mr. Buchta and Mepham have agreed to clean up the City brush along the perimeter of Mr. Buchta's land to help meet the needs of the neighbors.


Next to address the Council was Mr. Tom Levi of 1316 Neenah St., Watertown, Attorney for the group known as FRAUD and also City Attorney for the City of Watertown. Mr. Levi stated that the majority of people tat he represents in the FRAUD group oppose this annexation. He explained that his clients believe that the development will cause more runoff going straight into the town wetland, and stated that they believe there should be a pre-annexation agreement between the town and the City before this annexation goes through. Mr. Levi also stated that there will be a time when the town is asked to run utilities to this project through their 10 ft. area


of property and suggested that there may be problems if a pre-annexation agreement is not done first.


Mr. Levi further stated that the group he represents does feel that the Council should take more time and not bring this property into the City as R-1 and R-2 this evening. He believes that it would be a mistake to vote this annexation all the way through tonight. He believes that the new Council should have input on this subject as well.


Cm. Flood, seconded by Cm. Johnston moved to accept and file the following documentation which has been given to Cm. Flood over the past few months in regard to this Buchta annexation. The documents are memos from Mr. Leo Roethe dating back to January 31, 2000; a petition with 600 plus signatures however, none of the pages has been notarized nor statements made of who circulated them; a letter from FRAUD dated February 22, 2000; the booklet of information from Brenann, Steil, Bastings & MacDougall law offices; and a March 29, 2000 letter from Attorney Levi. Motion carried on a voice vote.


Mr. Steve Zimmerman of 338 Merchants Ave., Fort Atkinson addressed the Council as a concerned citizen. Mr. Zimmerman stated that the type of housing that Mr. Buchta is proposing for this area is needed here in the City of Fort Atkinson. Mr. Zimmerman stated that we should preserve our farmland around the outskirts of the City and the best way to do that is to build and develop the land within the City of Fort Atkinson first. Mr. Zimmerman stated that he encouraged the Council to vote yes to this annexation.


Mr. Wally Baugham of 601 Monroe St., Fort Atkinson stated that he is a friendly taxpayer with concerns regarding the driveway drop into this new development and the flooding that will occur and be complained about in the future. He stated he believed the Council should not annex this property.


Mr. Paul Swart, Town Chairman of the Town of Koshkonong, addressed the Council next. He apologized for the lateness of his letter to the Council due to the fact that he had been on vacation. Mr. Swart stated that the town does have concerns that drainage will be an issue and stated that he felt there should be an agreement between the town and the City for the necessary crossing of town property that will be needed to put utilities on this parcel.


Cm. Flood, seconded by Cm. Johnston, moved to accept and file the following information that was given to the Council today. The papers include a letter from the Town of Koshkonong dated April 4, 2000 which was received by fax machine at the City on April 6, 2000 at 9:30 a.m. in regard to the proposed annexation of the Buchta land; an April 6, 2000 letter by City Manager Wilmet to the Town of Koshkonong requesting further information; and Town of Koshkonong minutes in regard to the Buchta annexation from February 9, March 8, and March 22, 2000. The motion to accept and file was passed on a voice vote.

Mrs. Joyce Sprengel of 821 Van Buren St., Fort Atkinson was next to address the Council. Mrs. Sprengel stated that she does know Mr. Buchta and believes he is doing a good job with his property and that the existing trees on that property were of no value. She further stated that she believes Mr. Buchta will work well with the City. Mrs. Sprengel encouraged the Council to vote yes on this annexation.


Hearing from no one else President Pattow closed the public hearing.






City Manager Wilmet explained that the Chamber is once again requesting the use of Jones Park for their annual breakfast. They will be using the Fort Fest tent at Jones Park and serving from 5:30 to 10:00 a.m. on the 15th.


Cm. Johnston, seconded by Cm. Day moved to approve the request by the Chamber of Commerce to use Jones Park for the Dairy Breakfast on June 15, 2000. The motion carried on a voice vote.




City Manager Wilmet explained that the Dept. of Natural Resources has changed their method of awarding these honors in that they will no longer come to the City Council meeting but held one large reception on March 29th at the Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison. Representatives of the City attended the reception and accepted the City's award from the DNR Secretary George Meyer and Ms. Tina Schweitzer of the National Arbor Day Foundation.


Cwmn. Behrens, seconded by Cm. Flood moved to accept and file the National Arbor Day Foundation's Tree City USA Award and Growth Award for 1999. The motion carried on a voice vote.










Cm. Flood, seconded by Cm. Johnston moved to accept the minutes from the Planning Commission meeting of March 28, 2000. The motion carried on a voice vote.






The following ordinance was displayed on the overhead projector at this time:







The City Council of the City of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, does ordain as follows:


Section 1. Territory Annexed. (Direct Annexation) In accordance with Section 66.021 of the Wisconsin Statutes of 1965, and the petition for direct annexation filed with the City Clerk of January 13, 2000, SIGNED BY ALL OF THE OWNERS of all of the land in the area, in the territory, the following described territory in the Town of Koshkonong, Jefferson County, Wisconsin, is annexed to the City of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin:


The West 25.5 feet of Lot 47, according to the recorded plat of Snover's Prospect Heights Addition to Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.


ALSO commencing at the Northwest corner of Section 4, Township 5 North, Range 14 East, in the Town of Koshkonong; and running thence South along the Section line 30.30 chains to what was at one time the South line of Hoard and Curtis land, for the place of beginning; thence East along the projection of said South line 13.30 chains or 877.8 feet; thence North a distance of 278.6 feet to the centerline of Sherman Avenue extended Westerly; thence West and parallel to the South line a distance of 877.8 feet to the West line of said Section 4; thence South along said West line 278.6 feet to the place of beginning.


EXCEPTING THEREFROM the West 10 feet and the South 10 feet of the West 625 feet.


Section 2. Effect of Annexation. From and after the date of this ordinance, the territory described in Section 1 shall be a part of the City of Fort Atkinson for any and all purposes provided by law and all persons coming or residing within such territory


Shall be subject to all ordinances, rules and regulations governing the City of Fort Atkinson.


Section 3. Temporary Zoning Classification. Upon recommendation of the Planning Commission, the territory annexed to the City of Fort Atkinson by this ordinance is temporarily designated to be of the R-1 and R-2 zoning of the City of Fort Atkinson for zoning purposes and subject to all provisions of Ordinance No. XV of the City of Fort Atkinson entitled "Zoning Ordinance" relating to such district classifications and to zoning in the City.


Section 4. Ward Designation. The territory described in Section 1 of this ordinance is hereby made a part of the Second Ward of the City of Fort Atkinson, subject to the ordinances, rules and regulations of the City governing wards. There are three electors within this territory.


Section 5. Severability. If any provisions of this ordinance are invalid or unconstitutional, or if the application of this ordinance to any person or circumstances is invalid or unconstitutional, such invalidity or unconstitutionality shall not affect the other provisions or applications of this ordinance which can be given effect without the invalid or unconstitutional provision or application.


Section 6. Effective Date. This ordinance shall take effect upon passage and publication as provided by law.


Adopted: April 6, 2000.





President of the City Council






Faith A. Elford, City Clerk


City Manager Wilmet stated that it was the recommendation of the Planning Commis-sion that the Council approve the annexation, set ward as Ward 2, and set the zoning as R-2 (Two-family) with a planned development district overlay on the 4.5 acre condo area dn the R-1 (Single family) on the .85 acre area with the existing house.


Cm. Johnston, seconded by Cwmn. Behrens moved to suspend the rules and pass this ordinance through its second and third readings. Motion carried unanimously on a voice vote.

Cm. Flood, seconded by Cm. Johnston moved to adopt Ordinance No. 560 accepting the annexation of the Buchta and Abrams property.


Cm. Flood stated that he also serves on the Planning Commission and has heard from people both for and against this project as well as the developers. Cm. Flood stated that he believes everyone's concerns will be addressed and that this annexation is not being rushed. He stated that the site plan and developer's agreement will be addressed and reviewed when the PDD is put into place.


Cm. Flood thanked Mr. Swart for the letter from the township and stated that he believes there will be time to find resolutions to their concerns. He further stated however that as far as any drainage problem that does begin in the township to the north of the High School and runs down through the City. He stated that the School has spent thousands of dollars and the City has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in their attempts to correct these drainage problems. Cm. Flood did further state that he does not see a problem with the water eventually draining into a town wetland.


Cwmn. Behrens stated that she has also had conversations with several Fort Atkinson citizens. She stated that she has been personally approached by nine individuals who admitted they had originally signed the petition against the annexation but no longer agree with it. Cwmn. Behrens further stated that she will be voting for this annexation and this project due to FRAUD's efforts and she thanked them. She stated that in all her time as a City Councilwoman she has never been given so much information about any one project before and again thanked FRAUD for making this possible.


Cm. Johnston stated that he also had lived at the edge of the City 16 years ago and did not care for the thought of development around his home however, that fear was worse than the actual development when it came. Cm. Johnston stated that he could find no reason to vote against this annexation and that he believed this is a sound plan for development.


Cm. Day stated that many citizens had contacted him and all 100% of them were for this project. Cm. Day stated that his best judgment tells him that this development is in the best long term interest of the City.


President Pattow stated that he does believe that this area should only be zoned as R-1 and that almost all annexations into the City cost the City money. President Pattow further stated that he does believe the drainage problem is an important issue and that there will be problems with noise from the park disturbing this development in the future.


Roll was then called on the motion to adopt Ordinance No. 560 for annexing the property of James and Jane Buchta and Wava Abrams into the City of Fort Atkinson


and to be zoned R-1 for the .85 acres with the existing house and setting the zoning as R-2 (Two family) with a planned development district overlay for the 4.5 acres of condominium area on this property.


On call of the roll Cwmn. Behrens, Cm. Day, Cm. Flood and Cm. Johnston voted "aye"; President Pattow voted "no". The motion carried 4-1.




The following resolution was displayed on the overhead projector:








RESOLVED, by the City Council of the City of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin:


The City Council hereby amends Preliminary Resolution No. 986 which

declared its intention to exercise its police power pursuant to Sec. 66.60, Wisconsin Statutes to levy special assessments upon property fronting upon the following streets and alleys as stated, namely:


Level 1 Street Maintenance for the following named streets:


Janette Street Wilson Ave. west to end

Montclair Place Commonwealth Ave. to Lexington Blvd.

Stratford Court Montclair Place west to end

Sioux Trail West Blackhawk north to end

Pawnee Court Sioux Trail west to end

Menomonee Court Sioux Trail east to end

Apache Court Sioux Trail west to end

Mohawk Court Sioux Trail west to end

S. Water St., E. Purdy Street to Roland Ave.

Elm Street Whitewater Ave. to S. High St.


The assessment for said Level 1 Street Maintenance shall be $1.50 per front foot.


Level 2 Street Maintenance for the following named streets:


Zida Street S. 4th St. south to end.

The assessment for said Level 2 Street Maintenance shall be $2.50 per front foot.


Level 3 Street Maintenance for the following named streets:


East Street S. 4th St. to Bark River Drive

Bark River Drive Whitewater Ave. to East Street

Elm Street Whitewater Ave. to S. Main St.

S. Water St., W. S. Main St. to Lumber St.

W. Milwaukee Ave. S. Main St. to Janesville Ave.

Grant Street S. 3rd St. north to end

Lumber Street W. Milwaukee Ave. to S. Water St., W.


The assessment for said Level 3 Street Maintenance shall be $4.00 per front foot.


Alley Reconstruction for the following named alley sections:


The alley between Jackson St. and Monroe St. from Van Buren St. north to end of existing paved alley (parcel #s 0514-0412-136 & 0514-0412-102).


The assessment for said Alley Reconstruction shall be $4.15 per front foot.


Installation of new sidewalk on East Street along the following named parcels:


0514-0334-005 Leslie Beavers 434 McComb St.

0514-0334-014 Emily Hipchem 431 Converse St.

0514-0334-030 Jason Brawders 922 East St.

0514-0334-031 City of Fort Atkinson 101 N. Main St.

0514-0334-032 Helmut Ajango 825 East St.

0514-0334-033 Helmut Ajango 825 East St.

0514-0334-034 Helmut Ajango 825 East St.

0514-0334-035 Helmut Ajango 825 East St.

0514-0334-036 Willard Owens 821 East St.

0514-0334-037 Robin Brendemuehl 817 East St.

0514-0334-038 Jeane Wilson 813 East St.


The assessment for said sidewalk installation shall be $11.00 per front foot.


The City Engineer is directed to prepare a report consisting of the following:


A. Plans and specifications;

Cost of the entire project;

For each parcel of property:

Assessment of benefits.

A copy of said report is to be filed with the City Clerk for public inspection.


Upon receiving the report, the Clerk is directed to have notice of a public hearing on such report as specified in Sec. 66.60(7), Wisconsin Statutes.


Said hearing is to be held in the Council Chambers at a time set by the Clerk in accordance with Sec. 66.60(7), Wisconsin Statutes.


City Manager Wilmet stated that staff received a memo from Cm. Johnston asking that the Council reconsider the resolution for special assessments that was done at the March 21, 2000 Council meeting. Specifically Cm. Johnston wished to re-explore the inclusion of the sidewalk project in the East Street project. He stated in his memo that the $4.00 per foot charge has the effect of providing sidewalks at a greatly subsidized cost to the effected property owners, whereas in all other instances the Council's policy has been to charge 100% to the effected property owner for new sidewalk.


Cm. Johnston stated that he believes the Council has struggled long and hard with the sidewalk program and should not deviate from their standard sidewalk policy at this time.


Cm. Day also stated that he has rethought his vote from March 21st and believes that the Council should stick with their sidewalk policy and charge the effected property owners 100% for the sidewalk along East Street.


City Manager Wilmet then explained that since the vote on the special assessment resolution March 21st, staff has received several phone calls from residents along East Street where only a Level 1 street maintenance was going to be done. This is in the area between Craig and S. Fourth Streets. The residents are suggesting and requesting that their section of East Street also receive the Level 3 reconstruction at this time. The City Manager explained that to address the change to Level 3 main-tenance for all of East Street and to also state sidewalk installation at the full price of $11.00 per front foot, a new resolution has been drawn up for the Council's consideration.


Cm. Flood, seconded by Cm. Day moved to adopt Resolution No. 987 a Preliminary Resolution amending Resolution No. 986 and declaring the Intent to Exercise Special Assessment Powers under Section 66.60 of the Wisconsin State Statutes. The motion carried unanimously.


Cm. Johnston, seconded by Cwmn. Behrens moved to set a public hearing for May 2, 2000 for the special assessment of sidewalks on East Street. The motion carried unanimously.




City Manager Wilmet reviewed a memo that he had put together for the Council in regard to the river wall, river walk, and railroad corridor pedestrian/bike trail projects. He stated that at this time he and Park & Recreation Director Scott Lastusky have been working on the writing of grant applications for the river walk and the railroad corridor bike trail. One of the grants is through the DOT and is due on April 14, 2000 and would provide an 80%/20% grant. The second grant is a stewardship grant due by May 1, 2000 which would be a 50%/50% funding. The City Manager further explained that these grants would basically allow three years for the work to be completed on these projects.


Cm. Flood, seconded by Cwmn. Behrens moved to accept and request for staff to submit grant applications for river walk and railroad corridor pedestrian/bike trail. The motion carried on a voice vote.






Park & Recreation Director Scott Lastusky reviewed the following projects with the Council.


(1) Rotary Shelter at Rock River Park - which will require walkways to be installed to and from the shelter, a cement grill pad to be installed and some sod and seeding to occur, as well as some electrical work being done by the City's Electrical Dept. will require $13,900 from Park Development Funds to finish this project.


(2) Jones Park Playground - $2,000 is required to help the sidewalk from the parking lot to the playground to comply with accessibility requirements, $700 is required for benches, and $1,300 is required for a playground change to a poured rubber surface beneath the playground equipment. The total monies needed for the Jones Playground is $4,000.


(3) Rock River Tennis Courts - for replacing the four foot high safety fencing between the courts and aquatic center parking lot with a higher 15 foot fence and for blacktopping the area for bleachers and the court to storage area an additional $4,800 is required.


Park & Recreation Director Lastusky stated that in total the request from the Park Development Account is $22,700.


Cwmn. Behrens, seconded by Cm. Johnston moved to accept the request from Park & Rec Director Lastusky for $22,700 in Park Development Funds to complete various park projects. On call of the roll, the motion carried unanimously.




Park & Rec Director Lastusky explained that proposals were put out for a playground structure at Jones Park with the criteria for the design to be that it look like a fort with maximum play features and natural colors to blend with the park. The proposal selected is the Little Tykes Fort theme from Lee Recreation of Cambridge, Wisconsin.


Park & Rec Director Lastusky further explained that Jones Dairy Farm has graciously donated $25,000 toward this playground. The total work order from Lee Recreation is $28,582. Therefore, in addition to the $25,000 donation from Jones Dairy Farm the City of Fort Atkinson would be required to put in $3,582 towards this project. It was stated that the current park budget does have $9,000 for safety surfacing and site preparation.


Cm. Johnston, seconded by Cm. Flood moved to approve the purchase of the Little Tykes Fort playground equipment from Lee Recreation of Cambridge, Wisconsin with the $25,000 donation from Jones Dairy Farm and $3,582 to come from the City Park budget. On call of the roll the motion carried unanimously.






Cm. Day, seconded by Cm. Johnston moved to approve the request by the Memorial Day Committee to hold their Memorial Day Parade on May 29, 2000 from the American Legion to Evergreen Cemetery. The motion carried on a voice vote.




Following a report that the applications had been reviewed and approved for accuracy by the Police Department and upon the motion of Cm. Day, seconded by Cm. Flood the following operator licenses were granted:


PROVISIONAL: Bonnie S. Olson

REGULAR: Christopher G. Winkelman

John A. Newton

Rachel M. Cross


The motion carried on a voice vote.




    The following is a list of bills to be approved by the Council.




    Bob Abel Carpentry Replace ceiling in Fire Dept. mtg. Room $1,533.25

    Abendroth Water Conditioning Softener rent, salt 53.32

    Ace Hardware Supplies 554.86

    Aearo Safety Co. Safety glasses - D. Anschuetz 212.00

    Airway Sales, Inc. Pre-filter material 79.23

    Ameritech Services 1,817.63

    Angels on Earth Sr. Center 1-yr. Subscription 12.95

    Aramark 2 pr. Coveralls - DPW 106.93

    Ashbrook Torque arm bracket 199.50

    Associated Appraisal Contract fee, supplies, fee 2,026.03

    Badger Paint Store Paint 28.76

    Barth True Value, Inc. Supplies, propane, primer, hardware 337.72

    Battery Products, Inc. Six batteries 389.90

    Bauer, Andrew Lodging - WRWA training 136.00

    Behling, Jerald Disbursement of remaining sick days 438.99

    Benz Oil Inc. 3 drums motor oil, 1 drum transmission fluid 945.02

    Bowman Distribution Coupler, connector, bits, ties, sealer 171.33

    Brom's Tire & Auto Repair Balance 2 tires on #68 12.00

    Bumper to Bumper - Ft. Atkinson Auto parts, supplies 838.44

    Bunch Distributing Inc. Bucket, handle, mop 127.08

    C B & K Supply Water heater, valve, bracket 207.90

    Carrot-Top Ind., Inc. 2 flags w/mounting kits 306.90

    Century Fence Co. 4 rollers & installation 1,214.00

    Chainsaw Barney's Parts & supplies 112.79

    Cinderella/Shep's Cleaning Tissues, toweling, janitorial supplies 1,051.24

    City of Fort Atkinson Gas, March copies 313.08

    City of Fort Atkinson Valve-Jones Dairy Farm, hydrants, gas, etc. 1,828.71

    Columbia Pipe & Supply Co. Strainer, urinal repair 154.54

    Crescent Electric Supply Co. Rotary Shelter - electric supply 138.78

    Cronatron Welding Systems Inc. Welding supplies 361.59

    DLT Solutions Inc. AutoCad upgrade/support 276.00

    Davis & Kuelthau,S.C. Professional services 943.97

    DeLage Landen Financial Service Copier lease 173.73

    Decker Supply Co., Inc. 25 marking posts 348.75

    Diamond Sports Center T-shirts 276.15

    Diversified Inspections Inc. Inspect 2 bucket trucks 700.00

    Eggiman Motor & Equip. Sales Parts 39.27

    Elkhorn Chemical Co., Inc. Roll towels, liquid soap 153.90

    Fertilizer Dealer Supply Inc. 125 gal. watering tank 141.00

    Five Star Shop Service Office supplies, lite, small tools 155.96

    Flag Center, Inc. 6 U.S. flags & 1 WI flag 203.27

    Ft. Atkinson Historical Society Donation 2,060.00

    Ft. Atkinson Sentry Supplies 229.08

    Ft. Auto Supply Auto parts, supplies 140.61

    Ft. Tool & Machining Inc. Steel 15.03

    G.F.C. Leasing Copier lease 448.61

    Gateway Technical College Course books - P. Kelleher 40.00

    Gold Star Products, Inc. Cleaning solution 279.15

    Gordon Flesch Co., Inc. Museum - copier charges 6.80

    W.W. Grainger, Inc. Respirators, cartridges, motor, battery, hoist 1,008.39

    H & H Fire Protection Refill exting., smoke detector, annual inspections 780.15

    Haines Mfg. Co. Springs, bearings, bucket 286.17

    Hanley Co., Inc. Mower parts 100.42

    Harder Paper & Pkg. Paper towel 125.16

    Hausz Bros., Inc. Road rock, stone 682.61

    Hawkins Chemical Chemicals 724.02

    Hayes, Debra L. Fabric - work skirts 47.83

    Home Lumber Co. 12' ladder 298.77

    Allen Howe & Sons, Inc. S. Water St. - sewer repair 3,502.98

    Humane Soc. of Jefferson Co. March stray animal pickup 1,410.94

    WI Chapter - IAAI Arson seminar - Schoenleber 95.00

    ICI Dulux Paint Centers Aeration pipe paint 292.84

    Jefferson County Clerk Monthly dog license fees - 245 863.75

    Jefferson County Treasurer Jail assessments 1,244.32

    Jefferson County Treasurer April lottery credit payment 102,644.50

    Jefferson Fire & Safety, Inc. New truck equipment 3,005.50

    Jensen Plumbing & Heating Inc. Parts, labor, repair furnace 413.20

    Jonas Office Products, LTD Supplies, printer ribbons, toner, paper 794.94

    K-Mart #9543 Video tapes, envelopes 11.96

    Kopps, Thomas Reimbursement of union dues 31.00

    Lab Safety Supply Inc. Hat sweat bands, earplugs, thermometers 551.83

    Lake Mills Blacktop Inc. Cold mix 19.90 ton 915.40

    Lampert, John F. Health insurance reimbursement 360.06

    CED/Lappin Credit Office Lite fixtures, electrical supplies 1,445.88

    Lark Uniform Inc. Fromader - 3 pr. socks 23.35

    Lastusky, Scott L. March car allow., 4 sets tennis court equip. 1,358.20

    League of WI Municipalities Lawyers conf. fee for C. Rogers 175.00

    Life & Safety Service First aid supplies 21.60

    Lincoln Contractors Supply Inc. Asphalt blade 406.37

    M.A.T.C. Textbooks - Hayes, Ebert 71.50

    M.A.T.C. April lottery credit payment 30,628.67

    M.A.T.C. Course fees - Ensweiler 21.38

    M.T.A.W. Treasurer's conf. fees - Elford 75.00

    Maintenance Engineering Bulbs 379.71

    Master Graphics Ward map paper, shipping 45.91

    McGowan, Brad WRWA training - lodging 40.00

    McMaster - Carr Supply Co. Strapping bands, screen, insulation 157.19

    Miller/Bradford/Risberg Co. Parts 49.80

    Moore Oil Oil/blowers, hydraulics 453.22

    Municipal Software On-site & billing training 450.35

    NCL of WI, Inc. Lab supplies 506.92

    Nasco Recreation equipment 334.52

    Nassco, Inc. Janitorial supplies 424.75

    Neenah Foundry Co. 5 curb inlet frames 1,216.92

    Pavlik Bros. Duct work 119.43

    Performance Training Assoc. Inc. Kopps - April 25 training - Madison 395.00

    Peterson, Earl 33 hrs. electrical inspection 825.00

    Pierce Manufacturing Inc. Switches, flanges 127.73

    Plechaty, William A. Safety shoe allowance - max. 70.00

    Pomps' Tire Service Inc. 14 tires 609.00

    Postmaster Postage - A zone bills 380.16

    Precision Alignment Service Squads - lubed, tire changes 92.00

    Premier Bank Withholding, soc. security, medicare 38,593.47

    Professional Equip. & Supply 3 blouses - S. Hottman 99.00

    R & R Home Construction, Inc. Contract payment #2 - Rotary Shelter 31,487.22

    Radio Shack Truck radios, speakers 149.93

    Ragan, Brad Inc. 12 aluminum valve ext., repair flat, tube, tire 216.50

    Reliable Office supplies 210.95

    Rennert's Fire Equipment #105 repair parts 1,460.66

    Rogers, Christopher March monthly office expense 300.00

    Rue, Timothy D. In-service training - meals 40.00

    Rusch, James L. ASE test fee reimbursement 152.00

    S & H Uniform Corp. 8 pr. orange overalls - DPW 246.44

    SK Windows & Doors Water garage O.H. doors 4,150.00

    School Dist. of Ft. Atkinson April lottery credit payment 246,766.90

    Scotty's Power Plus Sharpen chainsaw chains 34.00

    Sherwin Industries, Inc. 36 pails tack 430.20

    ShopKo Store #51 Vacuum, video, CD, supplies, film 241.66

    Simonson Mobil Station Oil 45.97

    Simonson Oil Co. 1517 gal. diesel; 8500 gal. unleaded gas 12,250.07

    Slewfoot Signs Graphic on 2 squads 520.00

    Smith Motors Inc. Truck battery 224.24

    Snap on Tools Corp. Tools 101.85

    State Electrical Supply Inc. Electrical supplies 61.56

    State of Wisconsin Penalty assessments 2,373.34

    Strohbusch Ben Franklin Crafts Sr. Center craft supplies 14.73

    Superior Services Solid waste pickup, recycling, toter 41,107.37

    Teamsters Local 695 March union dues 896.00

    Times Publishing Co. Dispatcher ad (three times) 131.40

    Tracy & Sons, Inc. Pump scum well 120.00

    Traffic & Parking Control Co. 2 road closed signs; 2 compost hr. sign 548.22

    Trims Software Intl. Inc. Software support 200.00

    Trucks, Inc. #2 resistors 14.98

    United Building Center Shelving, plywood, lumber, hinges-doors 223.73

    US Filter Corp. Ionizer filter 156.82

    UW-Green Bay Registration for May 3 program 85.00

    Virchow, Krause & Co., LLP 1999 year-end audit & PSC report 15,839.00

    Water Department Water 480.46

    Water Environment Federation Christensen - membership renewal 90.00

    Watertech of America, Inc. Chemicals 3,594.15

    Werner Electric Supply Electrical supplies 672.96

    Westphal & Co., Inc. Electrical repair Bldg. 80 3,235.00

    Wilmet, John E. March vehicle use 100.00

    WI Correctional Center System Feb. inmates labor assistance 181.25

    WI Dept. of Revenue Sales tax 355.33

    WI Dept. of Revenue State withholding tax (PR #5) 8,107.93

    WI Dept. of Revenue State withholding tax (PR #6 & 6A) 8,607.98

    WI Dept. of Trans BFS 1998 taxi audit 11,091.00

    WI Electric Power Co. Electricity, natural gas 7,089.66

    WI Health Fund Union health insurance premiums 15,905.92

    WI Retirement System Monthly retirement remittance 30,563.06

    WI Rural Water Assoc. Juarez, Birkett, McGowan - registrations 225.00

    WI State Elections Board Election insurance manuals 6.00

    Yerges Transportation Co., Inc. #105 parts 15.95


    TOTAL CITY ACCOUNTS $ 640,357.06






    A T & T Phone $ 12.71

    Ameritech Phone 128.94

    Baker & Taylor Books 814.57

    Baker & Taylor Entertainment AV 20.21

    Barth True Value Maintenance 10.09

    Book Links Periodicals 25.95

    Carpentry Shop Maintenance 1,600.00

    Chivers North America AV 6.50

    Cinderella/Shep's Maintenance 36.72

    Cloute Window/Wall Washing Inc. Maintenance 74.00

    Columbia House Video Club AV 208.89

    Cook's Book Co. Books 524.20

    Daily Jefferson Co. Union Other 49.50

    DEMCO Inc. Supplies 445.01

    Dwight Foster Public Library Petty cash 112.59

    Epixtech Supplies 313.00

    Express Video Clinic AV 23.72

    Ft. Atkinson Sentry Supplies 8.84

    Gale Group Books 421.45

    Global Computer Supplies Supplies 196.30

    Graphic Technology Inc. Supplies 2,140.39

    H & H Fire Protection Supplies 23.95

    Highsmith, Inc. Supplies 336.85

    Janesville Gazette Periodicals 189.80

    Jonas Office Products, LTD Supplies 92.33

    Kelley Blue Book Periodicals 108.00

    LMA Techwork Info sources/services 817.50

    May Plumbing & Heating Maintenance 52.95

    Menzer, Charlene J. Continuing education 60.58

    Meredith Books Books 88.36

    Micro Marketing LLC AV 200.90

    N2H2 Filter appliance installation 3,500.00

    Opportunities, Inc. Supplies 137.60

    Outside Periodicals 30.00

    Oxford University Press Books 165.90

    Postmaster Postage 330.00

    Recorded Books AV 1,827.05

    Research Technology Intl. Supplies 7.60

    Rolling Stone Periodicals 25.97

    SVE Media AV 802.45

    R.M. Schreiber Other 12.03

    ShopKo Supplies 28.52

    State Chemical Mfg. Co. Maintenance 204.14

    Superintendent of Documents Books 250.00

    UW-Madison Books 7.50

    Unique Books Books 74.22

    Wheeler Publishing Inc. Books 78.20

    WI Electric Power Co. Gas 185.24






    BJ Electric Supply, Inc. Police Dept. - switchgear 2,285.91

    C D P Incorporated Police Dept. - make up air unit 4,278.00

    Jefferson Fire & Safety Inc. Equip. new fire truck & freight 4,563.29

    Potter Form & Tie Co. Police Dept. - reinforced steel 8,055.00

    Westra Construction Contract payment #2 - new P.D. 89,370.00

    Wingra Redi Mix Inc. Concrete - new P.D. 2,601.00

    WI Electric Electricity 93.41






    Jefferson Co. Tourism Council Ad - TID #6 $ 250.00

    Robert Klement Land contract purchase 52,680.27


    TOTAL KLEMENT PARK $ 52,930.27


    Cwmn. Behrens, seconded by Cm. Johnston moved that the bills in the amount of $640,357.06 for the City; $31,127.09 for the Sewer Utility; $18,583.98 for the Water Utility; 4111,246.61 for 1998-99 Capital Projects Fund, and $52,930.27 for the Klement Business Park as per Schedule L-73 on file in the office of the City Clerk/ Treasurer and as audited by the Finance Committee be allowed and orders be authorized drawn on the proper funds for their payment. On call of the roll, the motion carried unanimously.




Cm. Flood, seconded by Cwmn. Behrens moved to adjourn the April 6, 2000 regular City of Fort Atkinson Council meeting at 9:51 p.m. The motion carried unanimously.