Fort Atkinson City Council - Minutes - 2000

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DECEMBER 19, 2000



    A regular meeting of the City Council was called to order by President Day at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building.



    On call of the roll members present were:


    Bill Flood

    Loren Gray

    Bruce Johnston

    Mark Zastrow

    Gordon Day, Jr.


    Also present were the City Manager, City Attorney, City Clerk/Treasurer, City Engineer, Assistant City Engineer, Police Chief, Library Director and Museum Director.





    Cm. Gray moved to approve the minutes of the December 5, 2000 regular Council meeting. Motion seconded by Cm. Johnston. Motion carried on a voice vote.














    Cm. Zastrow, seconded by Cm. Gray moved to accept and file the minutes of the Dwight Foster Public Library Board meeting held November 6, 2000; Electrical, Building, & Plumbing Permit reports for November 2000; and the minutes of the Planning Commission meeting held December 12, 2000. The motion carried on a voice vote.


    President Day then asked the Council if they would grant permission for No. 9 (b) to be moved forward on the agenda. The Council had no objection.





    City Manager Wilmet introduced Ms. Laura Williamson and Nathan Bryant, of McClure Engineering, representatives of the Wal-Mart Corporation. Ms. Williamson reviewed their site plan. The proposed site for the Wal-Mart Super Store would be at the southwest corner of Highway 26 and Highway 12. It is approximately 23.5 acres and Ms. Williamson stated that they have already talked to the State and the State says that the property is contiguous with the City via its connection across Highway 12 to the Holiday Express. Ms. Williamson stated that the super store would be approximately 155,000 sq. ft. with about 2/3rds of the store with retail and 1/3rd dedicated to groceries. This would be a 24 hour operation and a gas station and outdoor garden center are also planned. Ms. Williamson stated that the Wal-Mart Corporation is looking for annexation to hookup to City services of both sewer and water. Ms. Williamson also noted that of the approximately 300 possible employees needed for this store, 70% would be full-time and 30% would be of a part-time nature. Ms. Williamson went on to say that they have already had discussions with the WI Dept. of Transportation and have agreed to put the entrance and exit to the Wal-Mart as far west on their property as possible in order to keep the traffic flow away from the intersection of 26 & 12. Ms. Williamson further pointed out that there would be a detention pond and care taken to uphold the wetland area behind the Wal-Mart.


    Discussion was held as to whether Wal-Mart would consider building in the Klement South Industrial Park on the south end of the City, however, Ms. Williamson said that she did take that request to Wal-mart but they feel they must be on the north side of the City.


    City Manager Wilmet then addressed the Council on some of the major issues that the City has with this project. He stated that the biggest issue is the installation of sewer line out to the Wal-Mart site. This would require a 24" pipe at a cost of $700,000 to $1,000,000 to install. The City Manager stated that Wal-Mart would be responsible for about 25% of that cost, however, the citizens of Fort Atkinson would have to pay the remainder and that would require a rate increase to all.


    The City Manager further stated that it was investigated as to whether or not a TIF District could be developed in the area. However state law has tightened up on TIF Districts and at this point in time they must either be for an industrial business park or to revitalize a blighted area. The City Manager stated that this is a commercial project and, therefore, would not qualify for a TIF.


    The City Manager stated that a second option would be for Wal-Mart to fund the entire 24" extension and receive reimbursement from future developments. However this was not acceptable to Wal-Mart. They would only pay their fair share.


    The third option would be to allow Wal-Mart at their cost, to install a private sewer line and lift pump to the building. City Manager Wilmet pointed out that this alternative does pose some negative impacts. First of all it does not allow for future growth or development, easements would be required from property owners, it would mean higher maintenance costs for Wal-Mart, and a developer's agreement would have to require Wal-Mart to pay their share when the 24" main was installed.


    President Day asked if the installation of the 24" main was only for the benefit of Wal-Mart.


    City Engineer Woods and City Manager Wilmet stated that this size pipe would be needed in this area no matter what development was started up on the other side of the bypass. The City Manager indicated that the southern portion of the undeveloped property on the east side of the bypass would require this 24" extension be put through before it could develop.


    Cm. Johnston asked the Wal-Mart representatives if the City allowed them to build a lift station to get their project going, would they still be willing to pay their share of the 24" sewer pipe extension when it did occur.


    Ms. Laura Williamson stated that yes Wal-Mart would be agreeing to that stipulation in a developer's agreement that would have to be done before the project began.


    Staff was further questioned by the Council as to whether the sewer pipe needed to take the route that was shown by City Engineer Woods and would it have to be a 24" pipe.


    City Engineer Woods stated that if the piping were to be done just to get to Wal-Mart and not considering any future developments, it would still have to take the same route and would need to be at least a 10" pipe. This would still cost $800,000 as compared to the one million dollars for the 24" pipe. The City Engineer stated that the cost of this project is in the labor involved and not necessarily the sizing of the pipe.


    President Day then recognized Ms. Beth Gehred-O'Connell of 500 N. Main and stated that she could address the Council from the podium. Ms. Gehred-O'Connell asked when the appropriate time would come for the citizens of Fort Atkinson to state if they wanted a Wal-Mart in their community.


    City Attorney Rogers stated that at the time Wal-Mart would officially petition for annexation, there would be a public hearing that the citizenry could come to and speak.


    President Day then asked the Council members if they wished to comment on this Wal-Mart proposal.


    Cm. Flood stated that he has mixed feelings regarding Wal-Mart developing in this area. First of all, the City's Master Plan has this area reserved for industrial park. Cm. Flood stated that he believes the Planning Commission and Council need to decide if they would still want this area to be industrial. Secondly, he stated that he does have concerns about traffic flow in the area. Cm. Flood stated that he would like further explanation from the DOT as to how the traffic will flow if and when they create the Highway 12 bypass and use bypass 26. As configured now all traffic would need to exit Highway 26 and stop at a stop sign. It would seem that there would be a lot of congestion in the area and hard to turn from those stop signs. Cm. Flood further stated that he believes there would be some positives to Wal-Mart developing in Fort Atkinson. He does believe the competition would be good, the Wal-Mart selection of merchandise is good and that it would draw people from outside the community to not only shop at Wal-Mart but to come into the City's downtown area. He also stated that there would be a large tax revenue to the City. Therefore, it could hurt for the City to pass up this opportunity, however, the City is already in the middle of many projects and has plenty to do without this major sewer installation.


    Cm. Johnston stated that in an informal poll of residents that he has talked to before this meeting, he has received neutral to negative responses from the citizens he spoke with regarding Wal-Mart coming into the City of Fort Atkinson. Cm. Johnston also questioned whether it is proper for the Council to make a decision on competition in the City or not and does not see a problem with further conversations on this possible development. However, Cm. Johnston does believe that it is a sticking point that Wal-Mart will not consider paying the entire bill for the extension of the sewer line with reimbursement later as other developers do.


    Cm. Zastrow then stated that he too had talked to several residents and the responses he received were overwhelmingly in favor of bringing Wal-Mart to Fort Atkinson. He stated again the positive of competition and free enterprise. Cm. Zastrow also stated that he believed the people that would come to a Wal-Mart in Fort Atkinson would also very easily come to the downtown area.


    Cm. Gray stated that he believes that growth is inevitable, however, growth means different things to different people. Cm. Gray stated that he believed if Wal-Mart were not let in at this time, there would be others in the future. Cm. Gray also stated that he believed growth is essential for the City to broaden the tax base and for job leads, however he didn't think that the City would be expanding past the bypass this soon.


    President Day stated that he could see Wal-Mart existing on this site and feels that it does fit the City's plan. However, President Day also stated that he doesn't think this is a plan the City can afford at this time. He felt that the City cannot spend one million dollars to move this along. If the financial commitment were lower, then perhaps it would be possible.


    Cm. Zastrow moved to direct City staff to look at alternative methods for the feasibility of the development of this site. The motion died due to the lack of a second.


    Cm. Gray stated that he believed that the City should take a look at their Master Plan and perhaps update it and prepare more for development in this area.


    City Manager Wilmet also stated that if Wal-Mart does build in this area more development will come in soon after and the City needs to be properly prepared for it.


    Cm. Flood, seconded by Cm. Johnston moved to accept and file the memo from City Manager Wilmet on the Wal-Mart commercial development and to create an Ad Hoc Committee consisting of one Council person, one Planning Commissioner, City Manager Wilmet, City Engineer Woods and a school or residential representative to review the City's west side Master Plan and to discuss the future plans for water and sanitary sewer extensions in that area.


    Cm. Johnston stated that he agrees that the Master Plan did not concentrate on this west section of the City and it would be proper to have more planning at this time. President Day called for a voice vote on the motion. The motion carried.





    The following ordinance was displayed on the overhead projector at this time:







    The City Council of the City of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, does ordain as follows:


    Section 1. Territory Annexed. (Direct Annexation) In accordance with Section 66.021 of the Wisconsin Statutes of 1965, and the petition for direct annexation filed with the City Clerk on October 11, 2000, SIGNED BY ALL OF THE OWNERS of all of the land in the area, in the territory, the following described territory in the Town of Koshkonong, Jefferson County, Wisconsin, is annexed to the City of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin:


    A parcel of land located in the SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of Section 9, T.5N., R.14E., Town of Koshkonong, Jefferson County, described as:


    Commencing at the SE corner of Trimner Industrial Park; thence N00 18'49"E, along the east line of said Trimner Industrial Park, 33.00 feet to the north line of Hackbarth Road and the point of beginning of this description; thence continue N00 18'49"E, along said east line, 687.07 feet more or less, to the south line of Bardo Heights; thence S86 35'40"E, along said south line, 290.00 feet; thence N65 54'20"E, along said south line, 360.00 feet; thence S22 35'40"E, along said south line, 32.99 feet; thence N87 40'45"E, along said south line, 333.44 feet to the west line of the Second Addition to Megan's Meadow; thence S00 17'55"W, along said west line, 675.49 feet to the NE corner of Lot 1, C.S.M. #986; thence N86 52'04"W, along the north line of said Lot 1, 270.00 feet; thence S00 15'36"W, along the west line of said Lot 1 to the north line of said Hackbarth Road; thence northwesterly, along said north line of Hackbarth Road to the east line of said Trimner Industrial Park and the point of beginning, containing 16.0 acres more or less.


    Section 2. Effect of Annexation. From and after the date of this ordinance, the territory described in Section 1 shall be a part of the City of Fort Atkinson for any and all purposes provided by law and all persons coming or residing within such territory shall be subject to all ordinances, rules and regulations governing the City of Fort Atkinson.


    Section 3. Initial Zoning Classification. Upon recommendation of the Planning Commission, the territory annexed to the City of Fort Atkinson by this ordinance is initially designated to be of the R-1 (single family residential) zoning of the City of Fort Atkinson for zoning purposes and subject to all provisions of Ordinance No. XV of the City of Fort Atkinson entitled "Zoning Ordinance" relating to such district classifications and to zoning in the City.


    Section 4. Ward Designation. The territory described in Section 1 of this ordinance is hereby made a part of the 7th Ward of the City of Fort Atkinson, subject to the ordinances, rules and regulations of the City governing wards. There are no electors within this territory.


    Section 5. Severability. If any provisions of this ordinance are invalid or unconstitutional, or if the application of this ordinance to any person or circumstances is invalid or unconstitutional, such invalidity or unconstitutionality shall not affect the other provisions or applications of this ordinance which can be given effect without the invalid or unconstitutional provision or application.


    Section 6. Effective Date. This ordinance shall take effect upon passage and publication as provided by law.


    Adopted: December 19, 2000.




    President of the City Council






    Faith A. Elford, City Clerk


    City Manager Wilmet stated that the Planning Commission has approved this annexation and we have also received a letter from the State of Wisconsin stating that they have reviewed and found this annexation not to be against the public interest.

    Cm. Johnston, seconded by Cm. Zastrow moved to approve the recommendation from the Planning Commission to approve annexation by Ronald & Bruce Tipton for a 16 acre parcel at the end of Endl Boulevard and for the property to be zoned R-1 and in Ward 7. Motion carried on a voice vote.


    Cm. Johnston, seconded by Cm. Gray moved to suspend the rules and pass this ordinance through its second and third readings. The motion carried on a voice vote.

    Cm. Flood, seconded by Cm. Johnston moved to adopt Ordinance No. 573 approving the annexation by Ronald & Bruce Tipton for a 16 acre parcel at the end of Endl Boulevard and for it to be zoned R-1 and in Ward 7. On call of the roll the motion carried unanimously.




    City Manager Wilmet stated that the Finance Committee had met in closed session to review the wages and benefits for 2001 for the non-represented and part-time employees. The Finance Committee is recommending to increase all pay grades in the DMG Maximus salary structure by 3.75% and to add pay grades no. 24 and 25. The Finance Committee is also recommending moving the City Manager's pay grade from 23 to 24. Also, the Finance Committee is recommending an increase of part-time wage rates by 3.75%.


    The Finance Committee is also recommending that health insurance remain through Employee Trust Funds with no employee contributions required for 2001.


    And finally, the Finance Committee is recommending that during 2001 the City Manager is to investigate the cost for short term and long term disability benefits. Currently with exception of a disability benefit in the Teamster's health plan, a disability benefit policy does not exist for City employees. It was felt that even if the City did not contribute toward the premium, it should be available for purchase by the employees.


    Also the Finance Committee is requesting the City Manager investigate during 2001 the criteria and structure for a proposed merit pay plan. The pay would be over and above the current pay plan and would be treated similar to a bonus. It was felt that generally the plan should cover department heads and maybe a little lower, and for employees not subject to overtime pay.


    Cm. Flood, seconded by Cm. Gray moved to approve all of the recommendations from the Finance Committee on wages and benefits for 2001 for the non-represented and part-time employees and the update on the employee handbook and to have staff investigate the merits of short term and long term disability and possible bonus pay plans. On call of the roll the motion carried unanimously.





    City Manager Wilmet reviewed the new Police Dept. project with the City Council. After a review of the history of the project, the City Manager stated that there will be a shortfall in that sales tax savings will be approximately $31,000 rather than the $43,000 anticipated. He stated that it was found that not all the items could be direct purchased and therefore Change Order No. 2 reverted $143,155.25 back to Westra's contract because those items needed to be purchased by Westra. Also, although we do not have a specific cost, the charges from Evans and Ameritech to move our tower and radio equipment, computers and 911 system are coming in much higher than anticipated.


    The City Manager stated however that the one bright spot in the move has come from Spacesaver Storage Systems. Mr. Mark Haubenschild has informed Lt. Fromader that their company will donate their high density records and evidence units for the new Police Dept. building. The units list for $42,694. All that Spacesaver is asking is that the City pickup the cost of installation of $7,900. The City Manager expressed our thanks for their generosity in this offer.


    The City Manager stated that the item for consideration by the Council this evening is the purchase of furniture for the building. Bids were sent out and have been received as follows:


    Paragon Business Furniture of Madison $59,074.17

    Jonas Office Products, Ft. Atkinson 27,783.00

    Office Today of Madison 38,770.63


    It was further stated that in order to hold the costs down, the offices and areas that will not immediately be occupied have been deleted from the furniture order.


    The City Manager then discussed the estimated deficit of $20,000 for the new Police Dept. building project. He proposed that the City Council approve using $20,000 of the interest earned on the borrowed funds to help complete the Police Dept. project. He stated to the Council that it is estimated that the interest earned overall between 1999 and 2001 will be $259,410.69. The City Manager went on to propose that these funds be used as follows:


    1. Complete Police station $ 20,000.00

    2. N. High St. design costs 25,000.00

    3. Final Madison Ave design 56,000.00

    4. Madison Ave. R.O.W acquisition 100,000.00

    5. Sherman Ave. design 58,200.00



    The City Manager stated that by using these interest funds it will help eliminate some of the 2002 long term borrowing costs.

    Cm. Johnston, seconded by Cm. Zastrow moved to approve the use of $259,200 of interest earned from the borrowing for the police station to be used as follows: $20,000 to complete the Police Dept. and the remainder to use to eliminate 2002 long term borrowing costs as stated by the City Manager. Cm. Johnston further moved to accept the generous gift from Spacesaver of the storage and evidence units with a value of $42,694 and to award the bid to Jonas Office Products for the needed police furniture at a bid of $27,783.


    Cm. Flood commended all those involved with the Police Dept. project.


    Cm. Day also extended the Council's appreciation to Lt. Fromader for his efforts during the Police Dept. project.


    Roll was then called on the motion and the motion carried unanimously.




    City Engineer Woods discussed the needed changes or additions to the contract for the Fire Dept. expansion:


    1. Geotextile fabric: when the excavation of the footing was taking place, it was discovered that some marginal material existed in the area and the plans call for the base and concrete slab to placed on top of this. To correct this, layers of fabric were placed below the 3" base material and between the 3" and 3/4". The cost of the added work is $2,185.


    2. Installation of a hub drain for condensate from an air compressor. This was added to have a place for the condensate from two air compressors that will be located in the new equipment decontamination area. This will allow the condensate to be piped directly into a drain as opposed to allowing the condensate to run across the floor to a drain or to run a hose across the floor to a drain. The cost is $230.


    3. Installation of a new manhole in the parking area. City Engineer Woods stated that the existing plan calles for the contractor to reuse the existing storm manhole located on the north side of the building. However, when the manhole was exposed, it was discovered to be an old brick style and therefore unusable. The cost for the new pre-cast concrete manhole is $1,092.50.


    4. To construct sidewalk and drive approach adjacent to driveway on S. Water St. West. As part of the plans, the contractor is to pour the concrete driveway on the north side of the building expansion. As part of the City's work in 2001, we would be responsible for the sidewalk and drive approach. In order to minimize the down time for access to the building, the contractor suggested that they do the sidewalk and approach, if the price was reasonable. The cost of this work came in at $4,345.


    The City Engineer then stated that in reviewing these cost proposals staff is recommending items 1, 2 and 3 to be accepted. However the City Engineer stated item 4 is too high and should be rejected. The City will do or contract for that work in 2001.


    Cm. Gray, seconded by Cm. Zastrow moved to approve items 1, 2 and 3 of Change Order No. 1 for the Fire Dept. project at a cost of $3,507.50. On call of the roll the motion carried unanimously.





    City Manager Wilmet introduced Library Director Connie Meyer to address the Council on the findings of the Technology Committee.


    Library Director Meyer reviewed the history of the Technology Committee and their efforts to determine the City wide needs for Internet access and e-mail and how to fulfill those needs.


    Ms Meyer stated that Spangler Computers proposed a solution that was deemed to be the most practical in the long run. Spangler proposed that the City provide the services for ourselves and outlined how we could do that. In addition Spangler encouraged the City to go a step further and install a City network. They recommended installing DSL lines so departments would no longer need to rely on slow dial up modems and Internet accounts with Internet service providers. Proposals were sent out and @Link was determined to make the most economic sense in the installation of these DSL lines.


    Ms. Meyer's stated that the recommendation of the Committee to the City Council this evening is to contract with @Link for DSL service with the recommended bandwidths for all departments. Their proposal is for the monthly costs to total $1,003 for the nine sites around the City. Additionally the Committee is recommending to contract with Spangler Computers to provide the necessary system administration to set up the whole site server and any necessary clients in the various City departments, as well as to provide necessary training and additional hardware such as the tape backup system. A total cost for this portion of the project is unknown at this point due to the fact that it is a per hour charge for this setup.

    City Manager Wilmet stated that $20,000 was put into the 2001 budget to cover the costs for establishing this Internet and e-mail access. The cost for the year 2001 for this access breaks down as follows: leasing the bandwidth and hardware for $1,003 per month for 12 months for a total of $12,036; server labor and software for $1,400; tape backup system for $950; configuration of 75 computers approximately $3,750. The total cost to do the project comes in at $18,136.


    Cm. Johnston stated that he is in favor of the City acquiring Internet and e-mail access but would request that each department be looked at carefully to determine whether or not they have a true need for the access that justifies the cost of the hookup at this time.


    Cm. Zastrow, seconded by Cm. Flood moved to approve the recommendation from the Technology Committee on the implementation of e-mail and Internet access for the City departments and direct staff to double check all departments to determine if they truly have a need for DSL lines at this time. On call of the roll the motion carried unanimously.





    Following a report that the applications had been reviewed and approved for accuracy by the Police Department, upon the motion of Cm. Gray, seconded by Cm. Zastrow the following operator licenses were granted:


    REGULARS: Rebecca L. Peters

    Douglas J. Merline

    Sally A. Reifschneider


    The motion carried on a voice vote.




    City Manager Wilmet stated that due to the holidays and the fact that this is the major tax collection time in the City offices, the City Clerk's office especially would request that the regular City Council meeting be moved to Thursday, January 4, 2001 in order that bills could be prepared properly for that meeting. The Council agreed to this meeting change.




    The following is a list of bills to be approved by the Council.




    A T & T State calling service/long distance $ 265.75

    AW Direct Inc Drop hook sully 19.45

    Ameritech Intoxilizer line, Ralph Park phone 45.79

    B R Amon & Sons Inc Rerod, steps, mobilization 1,758.40

    Jeff Anderson Anderson - safety shoes 59.98

    Armstrong Heating & Cooling Service call & regulator 86.50

    Arrowhead Backflow Prev Test 5 backflow preventers 336.00

    BDS Instrumentation Bi-annual inspection 560.00

    Badger Meter Inc 1 mag meter, 6" meter, meter parts 6,181.97

    Baker Glass Company Repair windshield chip 56.00

    Barth True Value Inc Supplies, batteries 371.16

    Blodgett Garden Center Trees 2,000.00

    Blue Cross & Blue Shield Jan. 2001 dental insurance premiums 4,819.14

    Bowman Distribution Screws, washers, connectors 311.74

    Burns Industrial Supply Co Inc Adapters, 2 gauges 83.93

    Business Health Services WI Chief-emplmnt screen; 4 Hep A & B vaccines 267.00

    City of Ft Atkinson Property taxes 701.23

    Columbia Pipe & Supply Co 6 valve discs 63.66

    Crescent Electric Supply Co Tubes, wire, ballasts, supplies 948.43

    Crispell-Snyder Inc Robert St reconstruction & water main 10,600.00

    Daily Jeff County Union Publications 1,657.37

    Deluxe Distributors Janitorial supplies 644.77

    Diggers Hotline Inc Nov service, 94 tickets 123.14

    Earth Tech Professional services-Cooper St final/ phos study 2,009.76

    Faith Elford Reimburse fall conf lodging, mileage WMCA mtg 137.84

    Emergency Medical Products 5 trauma shears 26.45

    Richard Fero Test backflow preventers 200.00

    Fertilizer Dealer Supply Inc Valves, connections 99.02

    Five Alarm Fire & Safety Equip 4 triloc holders 226.16

    Fluid System Components Inc Filters 165.63

    Ft Atkinson Sentry Election food, supplies, cooking oil 487.29

    Fox Stamp Sign & Specialty 2 "paid" stamps 41.90

    W W Grainger Inc 48" ceiling fan, fans, vent, duct, hose clamp 932.93

    Grays Inc Plow blades 484.00

    Hausz Bros Inc 60.34 ton sand 362.04

    Hergert Welding Cut plates 20.00

    Heritage Preservation Caring for historic house box 43.45

    Hunzicker Riley Inc Motor, mounting kit 395.00

    ISCO Inc 3 battery assy 447.75

    Jaeckel Bros Gravel, equip rent, labor 1,489.50

    Jeff Co Sheriff's Dept K Zimmerman - prisoner board 35.00

    Jensen Plumbing & Heating Install pump-Fire station 3,917.00

    Johnson Controls Check air handling system 135.00

    Kenneth B Johnson Meal, registration $ 8.95

    Jonas Office Products LTD Supplies, toner cartridge, printer ribbons, paper 836.57

    Brian Juarez Safety network meeting regist. 10.00

    KB Sharpening Service Inc 12 chipper knives 503.40

    Thomas Kopps 3 electrical ref books; 2 pc torch kit 37.49

    Lake Mills Blacktop Inc Asphalt 1,547.16

    Ronald C Langer Langer - safety shoes 70.00

    Scott L Lastusky National conference expenses 250.62

    Michael J Lawrence July - Dec rural fire inspections 725.00

    Lemke Fencing of Jeff Inc Monthly fence rental 57.09

    MATC-Bursar Bushcott - auto cad class fee 129.00

    MK Cellular 4 pagers & 6 months service 340.00

    Marquette University Sludge analysis 264.00

    McMaster-Carr Supply Co Gaskets 9.75

    Mike's Bakery & Catering Bakery items 20.25

    Minnesota Life Ins Co Monthly life ins premiums 750.88

    Modular Piping Supply PVC connections 22.04

    Morton International 142.03 tons road salt 4,317.72

    Municipal Software Inc Custom report, accting final, hand held locations 2,505.00

    NCL of WI Inc Lab supplies 302.74

    Northern Lake Service Inc Water analysis 800.00

    Pavlik Brothers Service on reznor unit 220.72

    Pennwell Publishing Co Reference manuals 142.68

    Pete's Portable Toilets Portable toilet rent Dec. 129.50

    Premier Bank Federal withholding, soc security, medicare 90,431.80

    Pryor Resources Inc Weyerstrass-seminar regist. 149.00

    R & H Services Inc Repair #19 30.61

    Radio Shack Radio parts, cable 43.95

    Edith A Raether Raether - uniform purchases 108.95

    Ramada Inn & Conf Center Rue - seminar lodging 160.15

    Ray's Shoes W Dahnert - athletic shoes 73.80

    Schenk-Huegel Co Lange-uniform overage & bal due 243.65

    Schultz-Bernstein & Assoc Troubleshooting - WP printer 75.00

    Share Corp Plow silicon 120.51

    James Slocum Slocum - safety shoes 70.00

    Snap On Industrial Tools 115.53

    Streicher's Courtier - uniform bal due 16.54

    Superior Services Disposal service 91.67

    Terminix International Museum - pest control (Nov) 49.00

    Tracy & Sons Inc Pump sludge 100.00

    U S Cellular Cell phone service 284.93

    UW Soil Testing Lab Soils analysis 91.00

    Utility Sales & Service Aerial lift body, parts for the aerial lift body 53,734.00

    Voeltz Garage & Implement Drill press belt 3.50

    Water Dept Water, Jones Pk-share well meter 2,898.63

    Werner Electric Supply Plug, connectors, caps 198.82

    Lori Weyerstrass Weyerstrass - pants; in-service meal, training 95.66

    Wiedenbeck Inc Hooks, links 89.17

    WI Dept of Employee Trust Jan 2001 health ins premiums $ 33,258.30

    WI Dept of Revenue State withholding tax 7,807.91

    WI Electric Power Co Electricity, natural gas 26,803.78

    WI State Fire Chiefs Assn Feb 2-4 seminar (Emrick) 115.00

    Doug D Yandry Yandry - safety shoes 70.00

    I.O.S. Capital Library copier rent (12/30-01/30/01) 192.00


    TOTAL CITY ACCOUNTS $ 247,837.54






    John Buhler Co Inc New PD - chalk board, tack board $ 2,929.00

    Building Service Inc New PD - access floor system 4,815.00

    Carroll Electric New PD - data/telephone cabling 10,708.00

    Evans Indust Comm Inc Remove tower, temp antenna-Fire Dept; parts 11,094.10

    First Supply New PD - plumbing supplies 79.80

    Ft Atkinson Glass/Mirror Inc Apply white film 100.00

    Graybar Electric Co Inc New PD - fixtures, chloride 19,802.04

    Halverson Carpet Center New PD - flooring materials 33,039.00

    Hausz Bros Inc Stone, road rock 116.30

    Westra Construction Inc Contract pymnt 10 & 11 new PD 298,899.78

    Wingra Redi-Mix Inc New PD - concrete 388.70

    WI Electric Power Co Electricity - new PD 1,428.46

    Zimmerman Design Group Professional services 1,680.00






    Robert W Baird & Co Inc Financial advisor, official statement $ 5,940.00

    Earth Tech Professional services 9.853.06

    Fox Construction Inc Contract payment 179,526.52

    Jefferson Co Register Deeds Plat map - Klement Park 15.00

    Moody's Investors Service Bond rating fee 1,980.00


    ` TOTAL KLEMENT PARK $ 197,314.58




    Robert W Baird & Co Inc Financial advisor, official statement $ 3,060.00

    Moody's Investors Service Bond rating fee 1,020.00

    City of Ft Atkinson Property taxes 10,675.33

    WI Electric Power Co Final - electricity 12.40


    TOTAL DOWNTOWN TIF 7 $ 10,687.73

    Cm. Zastrow, seconded by Cm. Flood moved that the bills in the amount of $247,837.54 for the City; $385,080.18 for the 1998-99 Capital Projects; $197,314.58 for the Klement Industrial Park; $14,767.73 for the Downtown Economic Development Fund; $9,588.91 for the Sewer Utility; and $17,720.65 for the Water Utility as per Schedule L-90 on file in the office of the City Clerk/Treasurer and as audited and approved by the Finance Committee be allowed and orders be authorized drawn on the proper funds for their payment. On call of the roll the motion carried unanimously.




Cm. Gray, seconded by Cm. Johnston moved to adjourn the December 19, 2000 regular City of Fort Atkinson Council meeting at 9:33 p.m. The motion carried unanimously.