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  1. JEFFERSON COUNTY WED NITE 8-BALL POOL LEAGUE’s ANNUAL SEASON MEETING IS ALWAYS the 3rd WED of AUGUST to be at LOU’S at 7PM for Sponsors & Players (MUST ATTEND & ROSTERS ARE TO BE HANDED IN along with SPONSOR FEE’S ).  At the Annual meeting we will signup teams (Collect rosters & sponsors fee) & go over Bylaws/Rules.  The CAPTAINS MEETING will be 1-2 weeks before season starts which will be set at Annual Meeting.  At the Captains Meeting we will disperse the team folders with new by-laws, rules, schedules & score sheets, while clarifying any questions. 
  2. The JEFFERSON COUNTY 8-BALL POOL LEAGUE can have up to 32 teams (splitting 2 sides – RD 1). Depending upon # of teams will determine whether we run “RD 1” as 24 teams OR  2 sets of 16 teams 
    1. ANY ESTABLISHMENT sponsoring a team must be open for business & have a suitable location for league play by the fall meeting.  With prior approval by the officers (EX:  if in the mist of short term changes/remodeling) during the home games of the establishment in question they will be played at away teams location, but if the away table is being used by a second team the game will be played at an available location picked by the AWAY team & arrangement must be made to play on same scheduled night.
    2. SPONSORS are responsible for providing suitable table being clean, level, & in good playing condition along with being in a suitable playing area or risk non-admittance to the league.  League officers will inspect and determine if a table is suitable for league play.  Each table should have a well-defined kitchen line & breaking spot.  There must be a bridge available for use.  If not provided, games will not be played & you will lose home table advantage.  If the match has been started, IT MUST BE FINISHED.
    3. LIMITS OF TEAMS PER SPONSORS (Due to our scheduling ability):
      • Sponsors with only 1 table are restricted to no more than 2 teams playing Wednesday night.
      • Sponsors with 2 or more tables are restricted to no more than 2 teams per table playing Wed night.
    4. SPONSOR FEE IS $50.00. FEE IS DUE by 1ST MEETING, if not paid sponsor may not be allowed in.
    1. ANY NEW sponsor/team or veteran sponsor/team acquiring a new spot is on 1yr probation.
    2. Each veteran sponsor is guaranteed 1 spot (Must fulfill league requirements).  If a sponsor/team is on probation there is no guarantee, to league discretion.
    3. If a sponsor has a team that is expelled, quits or moves, the sponsor has no guarantee of any spots over the initial (1) spot (as long sponsor fulfill league requirements).
    4. A veteran team (atleast 3 of that teams veteran players must stay intact) will have the option to change sponsors without losing their place with the approval of the officers, depending upon the reason & availability of an opening [BAR(guaranteed 1 spot), then VETERAN TEAM].
    5. If order [BAR(guaranteed 1 spot), then VETERAN TEAM] has been satisfied then we will allow new teams/sponsors (WITH FULL-FIRM ROSTERS) into the league.
    6. If more than one team/sponsor fulfilling our league requirements interested then we will draw from the names at 1st meeting for who will win the spot(s) available or in order to get for this/next season.
  2. LEAGUE PLAYING SEASON  & SCORING WILL CONSIST OF (new format 2007-08 season):
    1. ROUND 1 – to 32 teams, will split by last years final standing (odds-STRIPES/evens-SOLIDS) New teams will be dispersed to even out sides.  EACH TEAM ON YOUR SCHEDULE WILL PLAY EACH OTHER ONCE.   Schedule will attempt flip-flopping between whose home team every other year.
    2. ROUND 2 (PLAYOFFS)-After the 1st round the 2 sides “STRIPES & SOLIDS” will be combine & the SCORES will determine which division (A,B,C or D) the teams will be in.                                                          SCORING will start over for each TEAM and for each INDIVIDUAL PLAYER.
    3. IF TIES OF TEAMS- the score of initial match will determine the standing. The WINNING team goes into UPPER division standing and LOSING team into the LOWER division standing.  IF MATCH TIED, teams will pick 1 regular roster player to play  standoff(best of 2 out of 3 games) to determine.
    4. EACH TEAM will receive 1 point per game won.  EACH PLAYER will receive 1 point per game won.
    1. ALL PLAYERS must meet the state of Wisconsin requirements for patronage in a bar.   PLAYERS need not reside or work in Jefferson County to play in league
    2. TEAM ROSTERS are to be turned in at the 1st MTG (ANNUAL).  The roster MUST CONSIST Of at least 3 FIRM players to guarantee your veteran spot 4 firm players for new teams.  A TEAM is limited to 8 PLAYERS (4 regular & 4 subs); also Owner/bartender can sub during a home team game.   For additional players (regular/subs) or any changes note on your score sheets.   Any changes should be noted on the score sheet.  If you need to delete a player to add one just note on score sheet or contact secretary prior.  Once 2nd round (PLAYOFFS) START there will be NO ADDITIONS to the roster without the approval of the officers of the league. (A final roster must be handed in with last game score sheet played in 1st round or called into the secretary).
    3. SUB’s:   2011-13 season's Sub’s can play on multiply teams as long as a team is not stacking the team.
    4. OVER LIMIT OF PLAYERS:  If a team exceeds 8 players in the season without the approval of the officers the team and sponsor will be put on probation & may be disallowed to play the next season to be determined by the league officers.
    5. NITES PLAYERS:  Any 4 players can shot as long as they are on the  team roster (Regular or Sub).
    6. SUBSTITIONS are allowed during league play ONLY IN AN EMGERCENY (Player must leave premises).  If a sub player starts playing due to regular player being detained, the regular player can exchange with the sub before a game starts. (No substitutions will be allowed once an individual game has begun). ONCE A PLAYER IS TAKEN OUT, PLAYER IS OUT FOR THE EVENING.
    7. PLAYERS REQUIRED:  Each Team MUST have at least 3 players to shoot a match (MUST still pay for 4)
  4. NITELY FEE  equals  $56 to be collected & disbursed as follows:
      1. $28 per team regardless of # players playing (4 players @ $7  = $28 per team)
      2. $16 of money collected will go to home bar for use of table regardless of the bars normal fees being more of less then $16 ( 16 games @ $1 = $16)
      3. $40 of fees collected will go to the pool league with scoresheet (include in envelope)
  5. SCORE SHEETS MUST be turned in at LOU'S  or BITZ’S by 5:00 P.M. on FRIDAY (2 DAYS AFTER THE SCHEDULED LEAGUE PLAY). Home team is responsible of keeping score & handing in the envelopes with score sheets & money).  Late envelopes will be assessed a fine of $5.00 and an ADDITIONAL $5.00 for every week it is late.  IF a problem of chasing down an envelope that fine rises from $5 to $10.  Fines go to secretary for the extra work.  Scores are still required to be called in so standings are kept current.
  6. LEAGUE STANDINGS and 8-BALL LEADERS will be published in the DAILY JEFFERSON COUNTY UNION on WEDNESDAY in the SCOREBOARD SECTION of the sports page and currently  due to availability it is posted on a website location  (
  7. LEAGUE STARTING TIME is Wednesday at 7:00pm.  There is a grace period of 15 minutes.  Table will be clean & suitable for play at start of league play.  Teams arriving prior to 7pm will have the right to practice for a minimum of 15 minutes.
  8. LATE PLAYER,  a 45-minute time limit from 7pm will be given for late players, unless a player has called giving notice . If player has not showed up by time round 3 has started he/she will have forfeited their 1st  two games (unless between teams it is discussed prior & mutually agreed upon).  If player does not show up before round 4 starts then round 3 is forfeited.
  9. IF POSTPONEMENTS:  A match being postponed has 2 weeks to be made up (can be made up prior to scheduled playtime but scores will be held by secretary till current week)  If match is not made up the postponing teams will be fined $20 a week & an additional $20 for each week not made up.  If game is rescheduled & one team does not show up, that team will be fined the $20 each week from that week till the match is played. SECRETARY or an officer must be notified of any postponements & rescheduled dates (CALL an officer with any problems-TEAM not cooperating are put on probation).
  10. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FORFEIT.  If a team refuses to make up a match, they will have their records erased from the standings & no prize money will be awarded.  If the teams cannot get together & come to an agreement, the officers shall arbitrate and their decision will be final. Team is on probation.
  11. PROTESTS may be lodged with the officers of the league verbally, BUT must be submitted in writing & signed within 24 hours of the protest to a League Officer.
  12. ALL PROTESTS AND COMPLAINTS are subject to the discretion of the officers of the league.
  13. FOULS ARE LISTED ON RULE SHEET.  NO fee cost only loss of turn. FOULS  will be assessed a $.25 cents fine to be paid at the time of infraction.  Foul money will be sent in with the score sheets.  Fouls must be brought to the attention of the player committing the foul prior to the player’s next shot or you will lose claim to the foul.            
  14. SPORTSMANSHIP:  All players must show sportsmanship conduct (this pertains to during matches & with the league).  Any problem will be reviewed by the officers of the league.  Any players found violating ANY BYLAW or RULE are subject to a 2-week suspension.  If the player continues to violate the BYLAW or RULE, the player in question will be barred for the season.
  15. TEAMS DROPPING OUT of the league during season will have their standings erased and no prize money will be awarded.  The team shall cause the sponsor in question to forfeit that spot in the league the next year.  EXAMPLE: If a bar sponsors one team & that team drops out, the sponsoring bar will not be allowed to sponsor a team the following year. 

    (May vary depending on quantity of teams & how rounds are played )

    Round 1 – Traveling trophy for Top Team of SOLIDS & STRIPES 

    Round 2 – 1st & 2nd place of Each Division (A, B, C, D)  Placques for Tavern & Trophies For players.


    Round 1 – Top 15 Shooters  &  Round 2 – Top 2 Shooters of each Division

  18. BANQUET is held annually at end of season to hand out awards, vote for officers, food and a great time.  REGISTRATION - All PLAYERS are asked to pre-register with a $5 refundable fee per player registering to attend (will have registration form in folder-FEE due at same time) FOOD is ordered 1 week prior to the banquet, can cancel or signup; just call secretary by the Friday 1-week prior to banquet. Date & location will be announced during season.  ALL SPONSORS ARE INVITED TO ATTEND, we hope to see you there.  DUE TO GREAT TURNOUTS WE ARE WAIVING REGISTRATION FEE, BUT MAY GO BACK TO IF NEEDED.
  19. THE OFFICERS are in charge of awards & banquet arrangements.  Secretary is responsible to keep a financial report and standings of league play.  The officers are elected on a yearly basis at the banquet

      PRESIDENT     BRUCE JOHNSON 563-2788/920-988-7115 elected in 2003-2004 season
      V-PRESIDENT  DEE OTTE  920-723-3868 elected in 2008-2009 season
      SECRETARY     RANIE BOUCHETTE   920-723-0933 elected in 2002-2003 season


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