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  1. START TIME:  Games start at 7:00pm with a 15-minute grace period being allowed for a late team.  Games should start even if waiting for a player at 7pm.  IF NO ARRANGEMENTS and a team show up after the grace period, it will be the opposing team’s decision to play the match or consider the match a forfeit.   If match is played, the late team is fined $10.00 and opposing captain must note so on score sheet.
  2. LATE TEAMS:  A team that does not show up and has not called the opposing team captain by 6pm Thursday, (On a makeup game ½ hour time limit) prior to the match (Call an officer if any problems), Match will be FORFEITED by late team.  NOTE this on score sheet & notify an officer.  Each girl must still pay $4.00 along. Matches that are postponed see Team Requirements (Pg 1)
  3. LATE PLAYER:  Once a match has begun if a REGULAR PLAYER shows up, she may play any remaining games, if reason for lateness was an emergency (Or agreed upon by both captains), the player may then play her missed games if not already played by a sub.    You can play with 2 players, the no show player forfeits her games.
  4. SUBSTITUTING A PLAYER:  If an emergency arises during a game, a sub can be brought in to finish her game(s). Add sub’s name to score sheet and keep track of her points for any games finished.
  5. RACKING ORDER:  Home team racks 1ST, Visiting team racks 2ND round & FLIP for 3RD round.
  6. LEGAL BREAK:  At least one racked ball must hit a rail on break. If not, opponent must re-rack & break re-tried.
  7. OPEN BREAK:  After a break the table is considered open whether any balls are pocketed or not. 
    • IF any stripes/solids balls are pocketed regardless of how many, the breaker must pocket her next ball legally to determine her group of balls/object balls (solids or stripes) or it is the opponent’s turn & table is still open. 
    • If the breaker scratches during the break, it is the opponents turn and table is still open.
    • The table remains open until the 1st shooter makes a legal shot to declare who has solids/stripes.
  8. CALL SHOT:  The opponent is responsible for watching and listening for the shots called.   NO harassing of player when shooting.  ALL must stand back (opponent, team(s) and spectators) from the table during shooting.
    • After the break, shooter must call each shot out loud by ball number and the pocket it’s going into. (EX: 5 ball     in corner pocket, pointing towards that pocket.) It’s both players responsibility to acknowledge shot being called.
  9. LEGAL CONTACT:  Shot must consist of cue ball FIRST having contact with one of your group/object balls.  It does not matter if the ball you’re shooting at kisses off another ball or rail, as long as cue ball contacts any one of your object balls first.  On open table, must contact an object ball first (8ball is NOT neutral).
    • ON combination shots, can be in order of contact as “object > opponents/8ball > called ball”, this is legal.
    • IF NO legal contact it is only a loss of turn unless done while pocketing 8-ball.
  10. MOVEMENT OF BALL:  When a ball is accidentally or intentionally moved, no matter how far, opponent must call foul for shooter to lose turn.  Opponent can (1) place ball back as close to original position OR (2) leave it lay.  IF NO foul is called, keep shooting.  If ball was knocked into pocket, ball is retrieved by scratch funds & spot.
  11. BALL(s) LEAVES TABLE:  Any ball(s) leaving the table (PERMANTLY LEAVE TABLE) will be spotted.  Exception:   Automatic loss of game if 8-ball goes off table BUT only if while attempting to pocket it. NOTE: This does not pertain to jumpshots (Junpshots are not illegal)
  12. SPOTTING:  After a scratch if ALL opponent object balls are in the kitchen, opponent can have scratcher spot the ball closest to line.  IF spot occupied, place ball as close/touching in direct line behind dot to mid of end rail.
  13. KITCHEN:  If any part of the ball is on the line or if the ball is over the line (by looking from the air down) the entire ball is considered in the kitchen.  For spotting the cue ball it must be placed all behind the kitchen line.
  14. COACHING:  Is NOT allowed by team mates/friends. Each player is on their own. The shooter may touch the table in any manner she needs to decide a shot as long as she is not looking towards someone for nod of approval. If you have a question, first ask your opponent for help. If still unclear, ask the opposing team captain for help or clarification of rules.  If still not clear call either League Pres, Sec or a rules committee member.



  • Scratch Cue Ball (25 cents) 
    Fail to hit 8-Ball on the last shot (25 cents),                             
    Default 8-Ball (25 cents)                    
    Any ball knocked off table (25 cents)
     (NOTE: Several fines could result from one shot) (ex: scratching when pocketing 8-ball actually 50₡ -2fouls occurring)


  1. SCORING INDIVIDUAL & TEAM WINSPlease mark an “X”  in the score box of the winning player.
    • The winner of the game receives one win for each game won (most total a nite is 3 wins)
    • Team receives 1 win for each individual win (most total a nite is 9 wins),
  2. FORFEITS: Must still pay nite fee $4/player  and  $12/team  (also see Team Requirements #5)
    • IF a player forfeits, opposing players will each receive 1 win for each game (3 players/3 games/3 wins).  
    • IF team forfeit, opposing team will receive 9 wins (3 players each 3 games/3 wins = 9 wins).
  3. DEFAULTS / LOSS OF GAME:  Please write “DF” in the score box of the losing player.
    • IF a default occurs before either player has legally determined her group of balls, the shooter defaulting loses & the opponent is awarded the win. 
    • IF the shooter defaults in the middle of game, the opponent is awarded the win.
    • IF a default occurs while pocketing the 8-ball, opponent is awarded the win.                                                       
    • EX: IF 8-ball is pocketed before being called object ball or pocketed in wrong called pocket
    • EX: IF Scratch while pocketing the 8-ball.
    • EX: IF have contact with opponents ball before hitting 8-ball when pocketing it.                                
    • NOTE:  If scratch/illegal shot occurs while attempting the 8-ball, it is only a loss of turn.           
    • Except:  IF 8-ball leaves the table while attempting to pocket it. This is a loss of game.
  4. TABLE RUNPlease write “TR” in the score box of that player.
    • When a player consecutively pockets ALL 7 of her group of balls AND the 8-ball, achieving a win. 
    • NOTE: This could be achieved on any attempt at the table.
  5. 8 BALL BREAKPlease write “8B” in the score box of that player.
    • Making the 8-ball on the break automatically wins the game
    • IF cue ball is scratched on an 8-ball break, the breaker loses “DF”.
  6. VERIFY SCORESHEETS:  Both captains must verify scoresheet is correct/complete by signing it; IF you have ANY disputes DO NOT SIGN SCORE SHEETFollow PROTEST rule (See Page 3 – Rules Clarification #3).


  • Sportswoman Award:  Traveling Plaque needs to be engraved for banquet will be voted on prior.
  • PAYBACK:  All the League debts must be paid before any money is returned to the teams. All teams receive cash awards calculated on a basis of: 
    • PER TEAM:  $? Per Team (average 40%of payback/$1-1.25 per nites x 3) plus Balance by ACTUAL WINS.
    • EACH PLAYER is paid back by # of nights played based by the Team’s $$ played for.
  • TROPHIES will be given in addition to money as follows:
  • Team Plaques for First place for the sponsors only
        • 1st place team – Extra $45 team ($15 per 3-players)
        • 2nd place team- Extra $30 team ($10 per 3-players)
        • 3rd place team- Extra $15 team ($5 per 3-players)
  • Top five Individual Points Leaders
    All 8-Ball Breaks, All Table Runs & Most Defaults
    Sportswoman award for the individual along with nameplate to be engraved forTraveling plaque
  • PLAYOFFS:  A play-off will occur if a tie happens on the top three positions at the end of the season. The Rules Committee will choose a neutral bar by a drawing. The match will be played the next Thursday. The wins for this match will not be considered for individual placement. (Exception:  If the 2 teams are from same sponsor(bar), they have the option to be able to play at their sponsor(bar)).
    • If prior to 1st half finished ALL GAMES SCORES WILL BE ERASED. 
    • If during 2nd half (1st half game scores will stay BUT all games in 2ND HALF will be erased) 

         If any “8B” or “TR” occurred during these games, The shooter will still get trophy IF they are still in league.

ELIGIBILITY:    Must be a female, age 21 or older.  With Leagues special permission on 1 by 1 basis, a female player may be allowed to play under age 21 as long as she meets the state of Wisconsin requirements for patronage in a bar.

    • SPONSOR FEE:  $40 to be paid annually at the signup meeting.  Must be paid before season starts.
    • 2013-14 SEASON SPONSOR FEE WILL BE: $50 
    • TABLE must be clean, level & suitable for playing with a breaking dot. 
    • CRUTCH/BRIDGE must be available.


  • ROSTER will consist of three Regular Players and two Subs.  NOTE: Any Floating Sub from the "Sub Pool" list may shoot for any team and is not considered on a team roster BUT must be willing to play on other teams.
  • ROSTER CHANGE for a NEW player/sub not already being listed (on roster or floater), call an officer with name of sub prior to match time (NO 24 hrs REQUIRED).
  • ROSTER CHANGE FORM must be signed by the team captain, for a team player to be transferred or added to a team.  Send form along with score sheet in that week’s envelope. 
  • NO NEW PLAYERS can be added to a team roster or “Sub Pool” four weeks prior to the end of the season.
  • FORFEITS: Forfeiting Team/Player still MUST PAY nitely fee due $4 per player forfeiting.   IF both teams have a forfeiting player, on the match they are to play each other, flip on both teams to see which players from each team will play for which team to get the win, BUT shooting player will not get individual credit for the win.
  • MATCH POSTPONEMENT:  IF at all possible matches should be played nite of schedule.  You can play with 2 players.  If a match needs to be postponed, the League Secretary or President and opposing Team Captain must be notified by 6pm prior match.  Team not postponing has 24 hrs to get back to postponing team (try to do same nite) & try to setup an alternative date.  League has also set up 2 FREE WEEKS for this purpose; the week directly following the 1st round & the last week of season.  An Officer MUST BE notified of makeup date & time. IF match can’t be made up in reasonable time it MUST BE MADE UP within the round period.  The match will be played at the original bar. IF POSSIBLE shoot match prior to its original date (Scores will be held for posting).


  • EACH GIRL PAYS $5.00 to the League. If a team is shooting with only two players because a regular player or the subs can’t play, the regular player must still pay the $5.00.
  • HOME TEAM RESPONSIBILITY:  For supplying the score sheets & envelope (they are in triplicate form original (1st) for envelope, 2nd copy for Home team, 3rd copy for Away team). 
  • AWAY TEAM RESPONSIBILITY:  For handing in envelope with score sheet & all money ($30.00 plus FINES)

If envelope is not handed in on time Away team will be fined $10.00 for each week not handed in.   

  • BY:   Friday – 7pm    Call League Secretary or President if you have any problems
  • DROP(S):  Lou’s Riverview (Hwy K ) - Jefferson  or Belmont (Hwy 106 in town) - Fort Atkinson


  • RULES COMMITTEE:  Consists of 5 players to be voted on (OR by default TOP 5 from prior season).          
  • 2013-14 Season Rules Committee consist of:    
  • Patty Martin,Kelly Williams,Holli Heine, Jennie Parrish, Mandy Wagie
  • RULE CLARIFICATION:  If you need to have a rule clarified or you’re having a disagreement with opposing team about a rule, CALL a Rules Committee Member or officer.  IF NOT in agreement handle as a PROTEST.
  • PROTESTS:  To be lodged with League President or Secretary at the time of dispute or in writing and submitted within 48 hrs of the match.  DO NOT SIGN SCORESHEET  (Majority rules by vote of Rules Committee)


  • Officers are elected at the banquet on a yearly basis
  • Elected Officers for the 2013-2014 Season:

President-Doobie, Deb Kenseth (Cell 920-723-9392) & Secretary–Ranie Bouchette (Cell 920-723-0933)

WEBSITE:       updated by Ranie




  1. Presides at all League meetings.
  2. Enforces all rules of the league.
  3. Personally verify the League bank records at year-end.
  4. Select trophies at the best competitive prices.
  5. Hospitality of fellow players by sending a card if notified by team affected.


  1. Have team captain’s complete roster form and collect the sponsor’s fee.  Verify player eligibility.
  2. Keep minutes of all meetings.
  3. Create for each team a folder containing copies of rules, duties list, schedule, score sheets, envelopes, roster list, and player change form.
  4. Create and maintain a record of scores for each game played by all members.
  5. Have current team standings available each week.
  6. Make weekly deposits of league money and keep accurate banking records.
  7. Pay all league debits first and disperse cash back to teams based on placement.
  8. Turn over to the newly elected officer all league records, such as minutes of meetings, copies of rules, past records, and all other forms used.


  1. Give sponsor’s fee and complete roster sheet to secretary.
  2. Be responsible for conduct and attendance of team members.  Captain has authority to remove permanently any player from their team.
  3. Home team captain will collect money from all player’s and keep a legible and accurate score sheet.  Home team captain will have opposing team captain verify and sign final score sheet.
  4. Away team captain is responsible for dropping off the night’s envelope (containing score sheet & money) at a drop location.
  5. After receiving prize money at awards party, pay each player according to any prior agreements.


  1. Have a clear understanding of all rules.
  2. Be able to clarify a rule to any member of the league.
  3. If a protest is lodged-hear both sides of the issue and using current rules to be able to make a judgment.
  4. Suggest to league members a new rule or a rule, which needs to be clarified.   League members will vote and the secretary will make amends to the rules.

Team affected by misfortune (death, hospitalization, illness) must notify League President or if can not reach contact League Secretary.  IF NOT notified, no action will be taken. 
Upon contact, President will arrange a CARD of her discretion to be sent within a few weeks.



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