City of Jefferson -
Commerce and Industry Association

Commerce and Industry Association

Stated mission

"The purpose of the Association is to provide a vehicle which shall encourage, promote and coordinate the entire economic structure and development in the City of Jefferson." (From the CIA by-laws.)

Informal mission

This is the umbrella organization created by the City in early 1994 to fund and oversee the full-time Executive Director position first held by Bob Coffman and now held by David Olsen. This person is "responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Chamber of Commerce and the Development Corporation." (From the CIA by-laws.)  It was also created to serve as the communications channel between the City Council, the Jefferson Development Corporation, and the Chamber of Commerce.


In its by-laws, the CIA is described as an association, but it is registered as a private, non-stock corporation under Chapter 181.

The CIA Board is composed of seven members from the following positions:

1. Mayor of Jefferson - Arnold Brawders

2. City Council member - Peg Beyer

3. Jefferson City Administrator - David Schornack

4. President of the Jefferson Development Corp. - Steve Lewis, Jefferson Area Business Center

5. Vice President of the Jefferson Development Corp. - James van Lieshout, vice-president of PremierBank

6. President of the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce. - Char Jaschob, Havill-Spoerl

7. President Elect of the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce - Amy Christian, Diversified

There is no open membership of the CIA.

Executive Director David Olsen also serves as treasurer and secretary of the CIA.


The City's 1999 budget allocates $43,650 to the CIA, split three ways between the City, the Sewer utility, and the Electric utility. The CIA receives no other funding.

This pays the Executive Director's salary of $32,400 plus benefits including health care and four weeks of paid vacation, a level comparable to City employees with 13 years seniority.


Quarterly, mostly.  The CIA meetings and records were not open to the public until its public status was confirmed by the CIA itself at the August 3, 1999 meeting.


The CIA operates from the Carnegie Building in Jefferson.



Minutes and Agendas

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Jan 8 Agenda - Minutes
Aug 12 Agenda - Minutes missing from computer, CIA will attempt to provide them later.
Jan 21 Agenda missing from computer? - Minutes
Apr 15 Agenda - Minutes No quorum present, "unofficial meeting" notes here instead.
Jun 17 Agenda - Minutes absent, meeting never held.
Nov 18 Agenda - Minutes
Jan 20 Agenda - Minutes
Apr 21 Agenda - Minutes
Jul 21 Agenda - Minutes
Oct 20 Agenda - Minutes
Feb 23 Agenda - Minutes
Jun 29 Agenda - Minutes absent, meeting never held.
Aug 3 Agenda - Minutes   At this meeting, the CIA Board confirmed the CIA is subject to the State's open meetings and open records laws, allowing these records to be present on and otherwise available to the public.
Sep 2 Agenda - Minutes  
Sep 28 Agenda - Minutes  
Dec 21 Agenda - Minutes  
Mar 21 Minutes