City of Jefferson -
Commerce and Industry Association Minutes

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JANUARY 8, 1996


I. Approval of Minutes

1st by Morgan, 2nd by Brawders. Attendance: Brawders, Alex, Morgan, Martin, Strom, Frantz, Beyer, Haroldsen, Coffman, Rust.

II Financial Statement / 1995 and Budget / 1996

Financial Statement for 1995 approved 1st by Brawders, 2nd Martin. Budget for 1996 Budget approved by Finance Committee. Received the first installment of $13,000.

Development Corporation approved to wait until later in the year to receive the full $12,500 that they will be receiving from the City.

III. Prospects

Generac is up to 185 employees which is where they wanted to be. There was a rumor that the City denied them an expansion, unfortunately the City never heard anything about it.

LD Foods is now in the old Stokely building they will have 50 employees by the 15th of January. They totally revamped the inside of the building with new equipment.

Milwaukee Delivery Service is coming up with a new landscaping concept for the City and Development Corporation to approve.

Jefferson Transport is changing their offer for 2 acres because of no infrastructure (i.e. road).

Also discussed other prospects whose names may not be disclosed.

IV. New County Development Director

Marilyn Haroldson was introduced. She has been the County Development Director since August and has a project under way to help employers with the current employment struggles.

V. Business Retention & Labor Study Program for 1996

Haroldson and Coffman handed out a Business Retention and Labor Study Program for 1996 which she is trying to organize and implement.

VI. 1996 funding (CIA & Chamber)

All of the 1996 funding for the Chamber and the CIA was approved by the City for the full amounts. If the Director receives a raise this year additional funding may be needed.

VII. Chamber Executive Board

The 1996 Chamber Executive Board consists of Greg Alex as President, Lynda Strom as President-Elect, and Sue Prosser as Vice President.

VIII.. New for 1996

Jim Wendt has volunteered to do a Web Page on the Internet for the Chamber of Commerce.

Coffman currently working on a bypass manual for the DOD.

IX. Executive Director Review Date to be set

X. Any Other Business

Alex said that Doskocil is doing internal expansions on their plant.

Frantz reminded the board that the CIA is supposed to be used to promote communication between the Chamber of Commerce, Development Corporation, and the City. Please bring up meeting information in the other meetings so that the entire board of each of these groups is informed about the other groups' activities.

XI. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned 1st by Brawders, 2nd by Alex.