City of Jefferson -
Commerce and Industry Association Minutes

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Commerce and Industry Association

Tuesday, February 23, 1999

Location: Carnegie Building

305 S. Main Street - Jefferson

4:30 p.m. - 5:25 p.m.

Attending: Beyer, Brawders, Jaschob, Lewis (left early), Morgan, Schornack and van Lieshout. Staff: Olsen.

1. Call to Order Called to order at 4:30 p.m. by Vice-President van Lieshout.

2. Approval of Minutes and Financials

Motion (Brawders/Schornack) to approve minutes of October 20, 1998 meeting and financials. MOTION CARRIED

3. Election of Officers for 1999

Motion (Morgan/Beyer) to elect van Lieshout as president, Lewis as vice-president, Olsen as secretary and Schornack as treasurer. MOTION CARRIED

4. Common Council Update

The police station committee is currently conducting a feasibility study and it seems likely that the police station will be co-located with the Water and Electric office on Collins Road.

The senior citizens committee is starting a Senior Friends Group, is working on fundraising and is working with an architect for the design of the building. They will be submitting an application for a grant.

The council has rejected the Milwaukee Street Walk Bridge project twice. Brawders explained why he brought the issue to a second vote.

The new sign ordinance will be presented to the Plan Commission on February 24th for their approval and subsequent action by the council. Van Lieshout offered to attend the council meeting and speak in support of the ordinance.

Schornack reported that the Highway 26 Reconstruction Project may start in mid-March. Olsen reported that all the chambers signs have been ordered and will be in place before the construction starts. He expressed some concern that the promotions committee needs to do more work to get ready.

5. Chamber of Commerce Update

Char Jaschob, new CIA board member, was welcomed. Michael Baxter and Mike Bolger are two new chamber board members.

Discussed the Business After Five held at Miss Kitty's on January 19th. Over 115 people attended including all city council members. Talked about the Main Street Program. Olsen stressed that he needs a core group of businesses to take the lead in downtown revitalization. Discussed a downtown redevelopment program of low interest loans similar to program Fort Atkinson had. Schornack thinks it's a good idea.

Annual dinner was held on February 15th and 192 people attended. Beyer said that each year the attendance has increased. Chamber gained 16 new members in 1998.

6. Jefferson Development Corporation Update

Discussed Generac's expansion and their future needs to expand to the east. The JDC is still interested in acquiring part of Estella Ganser's property. The JDC does not want to discuss a road until they acquire the entire Ganser property.

Olsen, Brawders and Schornack will meet with Generac to determine their future needs. Generac's timetable for their warehouse is very flexible, maybe late in 1999 or sometime in 2000. Discussed having a Business After Five or an open house at Generac.

7. Executive Director Evaluation

Morgan stated a large number of evaluation forms were returned but there were very few written comments. Both the CIA board and the chamber did a composite average score. The majority of the written comments are from the CIA board. Brawders said the report is glowing. Morgan said Olsen has been good about building bridges with others. One evaluation form suggested the JDC develop a strategic plan. It was suggested Olsen attend economic development training. Beyer suggested more frequent and concise memos. Beyer is the one member of the CIA that is least informed because she doesn't attend JDC or chamber meetings and doesn't receive the minutes of those meetings. Olsen will start sending her those minutes. Olsen was congratulated on his job performance and told to keep up the good work.

8. Meeting Dates

Discussed the tentative meeting schedule for 1999. There are conflicts with the second Tuesday (bank board meeting) and also on the first and third Tuesdays (common council meetings). Olsen will work to resolve these conflicts. There will not be a meeting on May 11th.

9. Candidate Forum

Chamber will sponsor a Candidate Forum sometime in late March.

10. Adjourn Meeting adjourned at 5:25 p.m.


Tuesday, June 29, 1999 at 4:30 p.m. at the Carnegie Building