Jefferson City Council - Minutes - 1996

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joint meeting of the planning commission

and COMMITTEE of the whole

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 22, 1994


The Thursday, September 22, 1994, joint meeting of the Committee of the Whole and the Planning Commission was called to order at 5:00 p.m. On call the roll members present were Ald. Polk, Ald. Wendorf, Ald. Rogers, Ald. Wendt, Ald. Oppermann, Ald. Wagner, and Mayor Brawders. Also present were Planning Commission members Yeager and Larson, City Engineer Schulz, Police Chief Besel and City Administrator Frantz.

The City Administrator provided a backdrop on the 1970 City of Jefferson Master Plan, indicating areas where the City had made significant accomplishments as well as the fact that it was now one-quarter of a century later and the City was proceeding with new items that were not included in the old master plan.

He stated that the major failure of the previous master plan was in the area of transportation planning and that this was evident itself in problems the City had today. The City Administrator then introduced Mr. Steve Grabow, University of Extension Service, who provided an overview of planning and a video presentation on "Growing Smart".

Discussion was then held on various planning processes and what methodology should be followed. The City Administrator stated that a number of options would be provided to the Planning Commission for their review within the next couple of meetings. Mr. Grabow emphasized that to bring a consultant on board could cost in the $20-30,000 range for a fully developed comprehensive plan. He also stated that marginal success had been seen in cities engaging in smaller planning scenarios.

The City Administrator stated that the staff recommended option would be to send out a request for proposals for development of a comprehensive plan and then set up an interview committee to look at various firms and develop a recommended course of action.

Mayor Brawders indicated that one potential problem associated with planning at this point in time, was the location of a bypass. A location of a bypass on the east or westside of the City would have major implications for future development and land use planning in the Jefferson area. Those members of the Planning Commission and Council present, concurred with Mayor Brawders regarding this matter.

It was stated that there would exist some potential to look at a bypass in either location and plan accordingly.

After significant additional discussion regarding planning and planning implications, the consensus was that staff should develop options and a recommended course of action for the Plan Commission to review within the next several meetings. The meeting was adjourned.