Jefferson City Council - Minutes - 1996

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tuesday, OCTOBER 1, 1996


The Tuesday, October 1, 1996, meeting of the City of Jefferson Common Council was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Mayor Brawders. Members present: Ald. Wagner, Ald. Wendorf, Ald. Carnes, Ald. Rogers, Ald. Polk, Ald. Wendt, Ald. Oppermann and Ald. Beyer. Also present was City Attorney Scheibel, Police Chief Besel, City Engineer Ludwig, and Administrative Assistant Sellnow.


Ald. Wendt stated that he had received two letters-one from the Strasburg's and one from Richard Wrensch.

The Mayor invited everyone to come down to Rotary/Waterfront Park on Saturday, October 5 at 11:00 am for the dedication of the park.

public participation

Mr. Robert Coffman of 523 E. Linden read a signed request to the Council asking for stop and go lights at the intersection of Collins Road and Highway 26. The request was signed by the businesses in the area.


Mayor Brawders read the following proclamation:

WHEREAS, we, the citizens of Jefferson, Wisconsin have chosen to operate a community-owned, locally controlled, not-for-profit electric utility, and

WHEREAS, we are both consumers and owners of our electric utility and have a direct say in utility operations and policies, and

WHEREAS, Jefferson Water and Electric provides our homes, businesses, farms, social service, and local government agencies with reliable, efficient, and cost-effective electricity, employing sound business practices designed to ensure the best possible service at not-for-profit rates, and

WHEREAS, Jefferson Water and Electric is part of a community of about 2,000 public power systems in the United States that through consumer-ownership ensure cost-cutting competition in the electric utility industry to the benefit of electricity consumers everywhere, and

WHEREAS, 1996 marks the tenth annual national celebration of Public Power Week, initiated by the American Public Power Association in 1987, and that has proven to be a highly successful means to educate this community's consumers and the general public about public power's public service mission and community betterment goals; and

WHEREAS, it is crucial to our local economy that our community understand the value of our public power system, especially during this time when national and state legislation and regulations on restructuring are being debated and implemented:

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: that the week of October 6-12, 1996, be designated the tenth annual Public Power Week in order to honor Jefferson Water and Electric, its consumer-owners, policy makers, and employees who work together to provide the best possible electric service to our community, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: that our community join hands with other public power communities across the nation and celebrate the public benefits of public power for our local and national progress.

proposed rezoning on north watertown road

Ald. Wendt introduced Ordinance #20-96 for its first reading.



An ordinance to amend Section 17.04 (1) of the Municipal Code of the City of Jefferson related to rezoning.

The Common Council of the City of Jefferson, Wisconsin, do ordain as follows:

Section 1. Section 17.04(1) of the zoning map, City of Jefferson, Wisconsin, which is herein made a part, is amended to change district boundaries by deleting the following area from the Agricultural (AG) District and adding said property to the following districts:

Adding to (R-1) Single Family Residential:

Description: All newly annexed parcels along the west side of North Watertown Road with the following parcel numbers,

Parcel #s: 07-14-35-33-003; 07-14-35-33-005; 07-14-35-33-006; 07-14-35-31-001; 07-14-35-31; 07-14-35-31-066; 07-14-35-31-002; 07-14-35-31-023; 07-14-35-31-024; 07-14-35-31-025; 07-14-35-31-026; 07-14-35-31-027; 07-14-35-31-028;

Addresses: 207 Hillcrest Lane; 208 Hillcrest Lane; 224 Hillcrest Lane; 225 Hillcrest Lane; 240 Hillcrest Lane; 243 Hillcrest Lane; 1027 North Watertown Ave.; 1113 North Watertown Ave.; 1123 North Watertown Ave.; 1209 North Watertown Ave.; 1237 North Watertown Ave.; 1251 North Watertown Ave.

Add to (BHN) Commercial District:

Description: Portion of Parcel No. 07-14-35-34 and 07-14-35-34-001 on the east side of Watertown Road

Parcel #: portion of 07-14-35-34 and a portion of 07-14-35-34-001

Add to (RM) Multifamily Residential District:

Description: Newly annexed properties along the east side of North Watertown Road with the following parcel numbers:

Parcel #: 07-14-35-34-007; 07-14-35-34-006; 07-14-35-34-005; 07-14-35-34-004; 07-14-35-34-003; 07-14-35-34-002; and portions of 07-14-35-034 and 07-14-35-34-001;

Addresses: 1026 North Watertown Ave.; 1032 North Watertown Ave.; 1040 North Watertown Ave.; 1116 North Watertown Ave.; 1124 North Watertown Ave.; 1144/1146 N. Watertown Ave.

Section 2. This ordinance shall take effect and be in full force after passage and publication as provided by law and notification and attestation of the district boundary changes incorporated herein the zoning map, City of Jefferson.

This is a first reading.


Ald. Wagner introduced Resolution No. 92.


BE IT RESOLVED by the Common Council of the City of Jefferson that the consent agenda for October 1, 1996, is hereby adopted.

The consent agenda for tonight included:

Ald. Wagner, seconded by Ald. Rogers moved to approve Resolution No. 92.

Ald. Wendorf, seconded by Ald. Beyer moved to remove the Council Minutes of September 17, 1996, from the consent agenda for a separate vote. On a voice vote, the motion carried.

Roll was then called on Resolution No. 92, the Consent Agenda. On call of the roll, the motion carried unanimously.

Ald. Oppermann noted one change to the September 16, 1996, minutes in that it was Bill Stade not Bob Stade that spoke during public participation.

A voice vote was called to accept the minutes of September 17, 1996. On voice vote the motion carried with one abstention from Ald. Wendorf.

PLANNING SERVICES with vandewalle associates

Ald. Oppermann introduced Resolution No. 93.


BE IT RESOLVED by the Common Council of the City of Jefferson that contracts for professional services by and between the City of Jefferson and Vandewalle Associates for Comprehensive Plan Update, Bridge Crossing Neighborhood Development Plan, Current Planning and Implementation Services, Zoning Ordinance Recommendations, and amendments are hereby approved and that the City Administrator is hereby authorized to execute said contracts.

Ald. Oppermann, seconded by Ald. Wendt moved to approve Resolution No. 93.

Ald. Oppermann, seconded by Ald. Wagner moved to amend Resolution No. 93 to read that the Mayor is hereby authorized to execute said contracts. On voice vote the motion carried.

Roll was then called on amended Resolution No. 93. On call of the roll, the motion carried unanimously.


Ald. Wendorf introduced Resolution No. 94.



BE IT RESOLVED by the Common Council of the City of Jefferson that the following 1996 budget adjustments are hereby authorized:



Wages-Part-time 01-51210-10-129 $ 8,563 $ 472 $ 9,035

Social Security 01-51210-15-142 $ 1,141 $ 50 $ 1,191

Office Supplies 01-51210-30-331 $ 600 $ 885 $ 1,485

Animal Control 01-52410-20-230 $ 7,680 $ 550 $ 8,230

Maint. Supplies 01-54110-30-343 $ 300 $ 68 $ 368

Printing/Pub/Filing 01-54210-20-236 $ 50 $ 3,000 $ 3,050

Carnegie Building 01-55120-50-500 $ 0 $ 805 $ 805

Operating/Program 01-55210-30-342 $ 8,000 $ 1,875 $ 9,875

Sp. Events/Trips 01-55210-50-512 $ 7,000 $ 5,000 $12,000

Wages-Coordinator 01-55230-10-134 $ 500 $ 1,500 $ 2,000

Retirement 01-55230-15-141 $ 1,300 $ 1,200 $ 2,500

Serv.-Maint. Eqpmnt 01-55230-20-265 $ 2,200 $ 672 $ 2,872

Contingencies 01-51910-75-789 $33,177 $(16,077) $17,100

Clothing & Uniforms 01-52310-30-332 $ 9,970 $ 2,400 $12,370

Serv-Maint. Vehcles 01-52310-20-266 $ 4,500 $ (2,400) $ 2,100

Professional Serv. 01-54210-20-210 $ 0 $11,862 $11,862

Serv-Maint. Vehcles 01-52310-20-266 $74,900 $(11,862) $63,038


Ald. Wendorf, seconded by Ald. Oppermann moved to approve Resolution No. 94.

On call of the roll, the motion carried unanimously.


Ald. Wagner moved to take Tabled Resolution No. 84 from the Table. Ald. Carnes seconded it. On call of the roll, the motion carried unanimously.

Ald. Wendt introduced Resolution No. 84.


BE IT RESOLVED by the Common Council of the City of Jefferson that the Common Council hereby recognizes that St. Coletta intends to develop or have developed a substantial residential subdivision contiguous to the Meadow Springs Golf Course Expansion. And,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Common Council acknowledges that within said development St. Coletta desires the ability to intersperse residential living arrangements for developmentally disabled clients of St. Coletta and its families, that may include caretakers residences. And,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Common Council of the City of Jefferson that in recognition of the fact that the proposed development is of positive benefit to the City, St. Coletta, and Meadow Springs, the Common Council hereby indicates its general support for the appropriate interspersing of residential living arrangements and caretakers residences for St. Coletta developmentally disabled clients within said subdivision, subdivision(s), or Planned Residential Developments.

Ald. Wendt, seconded by Ald. Beyer moved to approve Resolution No. 84.

Mr. Jack Monco of St. Coletta addressed the Common Council. Mr. Monco explained that St. Coletta does not have a specific lot plan drawn up at this time. Therefore, they do not have any specific plan as to which lots could or would potentially become group homes. Mr. Monco also stated that they realized that even when St. Coletta develops a plat, it will need to be brought to the Plan Commission for approval, and any proposed group home would also need to be approved on a one-by-one basis with the Common Council. Mr. Monco went on to explain that the resolution this evening is simply a "comfort" resolution, letting everyone know up-front that there is the possibility of some group homes within the development around the Meadow Springs Golf Course. He stated that St. Coletta has been accused in the past of trying to place a group home in a neighborhood without prior notification and they simply wanted the City of Jefferson to acknowledge that they are aware of St. Coletta's possible plans for the future.

The Mayor then allowed some time for discussion between Mr. Monco and the residents in attendance at the meeting.

Mr. Monco fielded questions and concerns from Mike Garity of 650 E. Reinel; Ken Liebel of 229 S. Kranz; Sheri Rueth of 231 S. Kranz; and Jim Kuehn of 119 S. Kranz Avenue. The residents asked about the proposed home on Kranz Avenue, which Mr. Monco explained was not owned by St. Coletta and not a part of tonight's resolution.

The Mayor then concluded the discussions with the residents and opened discussion to the Council.

Ald. Oppermann asked if the resolution were passed this evening, will the final papers be signed with the golf course, which would allow them to begin work.

Mr. Monco stated affirmatively.

Ald. Oppermann inquired if Mr. Monco could tell the Council what St. Coletta feels is an appropriate interspersion of homes, and/or could an agreement be made as to where not to put any group homes.

Mr. Monco stated that it was not possible to answer any of those types of questions until they are to the point of a final plat. Phase I is the development of the golf course and Phase II is the housing development.

Ald. Wendt asked if the passing of this resolution waived any of the rights of the public to have input on the placement of any of the group homes.

Mr. Monco and the City Attorney both stated that the public still had the right to approve or deny each individual case of a potential group home as provided by State law.

Ald. Rogers asked for a clarification of whether the group homes in the new development would be owned by St. Coletta or individual families.

Mr. Monco stated that St. Coletta is not in the real estate business and does not foresee owning the group homes. Rather the lots would be purchased and built on by the family of a resident, and, therefore, the home would be on the tax roll.

Ald. Wagner inquired about the size of the homes contemplated in the area.

Mr. Monco stated that the philosophy has turned away from the larger group homes, i.e. the St. John the Baptist home. The homes in this development would be more like three bedroom homes, designed to blend in with the neighborhood.

After further extensive discussion, Ald. Oppermann offered an amendment to Resolution No. 84, which would change the last sentence of the resolution to read "within the City of Jefferson" instead of "said subdivision, subdivision(s), or Planned Residential Developments." The motion dies for the lack of a second.

Roll was then called on Resolution No. 84. On call of the roll, Ald. Wagner, Ald. Wendorf, Ald. Wendt, Ald. Polk, and Ald. Beyer vote aye; Ald. Rogers, Ald. Carnes, and Ald. Oppermann voted no.



The City Engineer reported on the lateral, storm sewer and curb & gutter progress on N. Jackson. He also stated that work was progressing on Collins Road in preparation for paving by November 1.


City Attorney Scheibel stated that the Strasburg lawsuit against the City was dismissed today.

Ald. Carnes, seconded by Ald. Beyer moved to adjourn to Closed Session pursuant to Section 19.85(1)(e) of the Wisconsin State Statutes for Bargaining Reasons.

On call of the roll, the motion carried unanimously.

These minutes of the October 1, 1996, meeting of the Common Council are uncorrected. Any corrections made thereto will be noted in the proceedings at which time the minutes are approved.

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