The Tuesday, August 18, 1998, meeting of the City of Jefferson Common Council was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Mayor Brawders. Members present are Ald. Wagner, Ald. Coffman, Ald. Carnes, Ald. Wenzel, Ald. Stevens, Ald. Johann, Ald. Tennyson and Ald. Beyer. Also present were City Administrator Schornack, City Attorney Scheibel, Police Chief Besel, and City Clerk/Treasurer Elford.


Mayor Brawders read a letter of resignation from Ms. Sandy Statz, the Senior Center Coordinator.

public participation

Ms. Rosalie Betzold of 135 N. Dewey addressed the Council to state that she was very disappointed in the Council for the last three meetings.

Mr. Don Kraus of 702 Windsor Terrace addressed the Council regarding his feeling that any resolution on the Police Department site should include the current location-317 S. Main and the need to determine the costs of building on each of the possible sites.

Mr. Dave Schroeder of 765 Lucas Lane stated his thanks to the Plan Commission for voting for single family residential in the Puerner St./Browning Ave. area. Mr. Schroeder further stated that he does not think this is the time to go to referendum on the Police Department site since it is still unknown as to how much it will cost to build on each of the locations. He also commended the Police Facilities Committee for their work in selecting the sites, however he does feel that the current downtown site needs to be included in the choices.

Mr. Mike Besel Sr. of 811 Mary Court stated that he feels that there needs to be professional and accurate lay out plans done and realistic dollar values placed on those plans before anyone can decide which site will be the best for the Police Department.

Mr. Ron Blair and School District member Roger Johnson did a presentation to the public stating the two options for building and/or remodeling of the elementary and middle schools in the Jefferson School District, which will be on an Advisory Referendum on the September 8 ballot.

consent agenda

Ald. Beyer introduced Resolution No. 56.


BE IT RESOLVED by the Common Council of the City of Jefferson that the consent agenda for August 18, 1998 is hereby adopted.

The consent agenda for tonight includes:

Ald. Beyer, seconded by Ald. Tennyson moved to approve Resolution No. 56. The motion carried unanimously.


Ald. Tennyson introduced Resolution No. 57.



BE IT RESOLVED by the Common Council of the City of Jefferson, Wisconsin that a non-binding referendum on the police department building site be placed on the November election ballot, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the sites to be placed on the ballot are the North Jackson Avenue site across from the fairgrounds and the Collin Road/South Industrial Avenue site.

Ald. Tennyson, seconded by Ald. Johann (for discussion) moved to approve Resolution No. 57.

Ald. Wagner, seconded by Ald. Stevens moved to amend Resolution No. 57 to include 317 S. Main as a third possible site for a new police department.

Ald. Johann posed several questions:

Ald. Johann stated that she feels that the Council has to have more facts and figures on the potential sites before any decisions can be made.

Ald. Tennyson stated that the Police Facilities Committee voted 9 to 1 for the two recommended sites and we should go with their recommendations. The Council has no valid or qualified figures on the cost of remodeling the current site. Professional estimates would need to be gathered first. The City has already paid two professional consulting firms that have both stated that the Police Department needs to be moved from the downtown site.

Ald. Carnes stated that he feels it is too premature for a referendum. There is not enough financial information for the people to make an informed decision.

Ald. Wenzel agreed with Ald. Carnes that it is too soon for a referendum. He also noted that the Zimmerman Design Group had said it would be cheaper to move the Police Department out to another location than to remodel on the current site.

Roll was then called on the amendment to add the 317 S. Main Location to the list of possible police department sites. On call of the roll: Ald. Coffman, Ald. Stevens, Ald. Beyer, and Ald. Wagner voted aye; Ald. Carnes, Ald. Wenzel, and Ald. Tennyson voted no; and Ald. Johann abstained. The motion carried 4 to 3 with one abstention.

Ald. Coffman stated that we don't have enough information ready to put these potential sites on a referendum to the people.

Ald. Carnes stated that he agrees with Ald. Coffman.

Ald. Beyer also stated that she did not feel we could get information gathered and out to the people in time for a referendum this fall. Also Ald. Beyer wondered if going to referendum was in the best interest of the City or if Council people were just worried about keeping their elected positions. If we go to referendum, it will cost us valuable time, which is needed to get the police department project going, in order to be able to build in 1999.

Ald. Stevens stated that he also felt that we could not get information to the voters in time for a referendum this fall.

Ald. Tennyson asked the City Administrator if Bray could get the City estimates before the September 9 deadline for the referendum to get on the November ballot.

The Administrator stated that he felt Bray could get some initial estimates in to the Council.

Ald. Tennyson inquired if a three person Council Committee could be appointed to work with an architect on the estimated costs for the three sites.

Roll was then called on amended Resolution No. 57. On call of the roll Ald. Stevens, Ald. Tennyson, and Ald. Wagner voted aye; Ald. Carnes, Ald. Wenzel, Ald. Beyer, and Ald. Coffman voted no; Ald. Johann abstained. The motion to take the potential police department sites to referendum was defeated 4 to 3, with one abstention.


Ald. Wenzel introduced Resolution No. 58.



BE IT RESOLVED by the Common Council of the City of Jefferson that the City grants permission to Lewis Pulp to sell the molded pulp former provided the revenues from the sale are applied to the City of Jefferson Lewis Pulp Loan.

Ald. Wenzel, seconded by Ald. Beyer moved to approve Resolution No. 58.

Ald. Carnes stated that Finance Committee's recommendation was unanimous to allow the sale of the equipment at Lewis Pulp.

Roll was then called on Resolution No. 58. On call of the roll, the motion carried unanimously.

preliminary resolution declaring police powers for curb & gutter on S. dewey and copeland avenue

Ald. Coffman introduced Preliminary Resolution No. 59.



BE IT RESOLVED by the Common Council of the City of Jefferson, Wisconsin:

  1. That the Common Council declares its intention under Section 66.60 of the Wisconsin Statutes to levy special assessments upon the following described properties benefited by the proposed improvements, which improvements and assessments constitute an exercise of the City's police powers:
  2. 112.5 ln. ft. of Curb & Gutter on South Dewey Avenue and
    238 ln. ft. of Curb & Gutter on S. Copeland Avenue

  3. The Common Council determines that the improvements and assessments constitute an exercise of the City's police powers, properties to be assessed are benefited by the project and the amounts assessed against each parcel shall be based on front footages.
  4. The Assessments against any parcel may be paid in full or in 10 annual installments when arrangements have been made with the City Clerk.
  5. The City Engineer shall prepare a report which will consist of the following:
    a. Plans and specifications for the improvements
    b. An estimate of the entire cost of the improvements.
    c. Schedule of proposed assessments.
  6. The City Clerk is hereby directed to give a Class One Notice of public hearing pertaining to the proposed projects as specified in section 66.60 of the Wisconsin Statutes, scheduled for September 1, 1998, at 7:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 317 S. Main Street, Jefferson, Wisconsin.

Ald. Coffman, seconded by Ald. Stevens moved to approve Preliminary Resolution No. 59.

The City Administrator explained the project to the Council.

Roll was then called on Resolution No. 59. The Motion carried unanimously.



Chief Besel reported that Laura Wiedenhoeft, the summer intern in the Police Department, has now gone back to school.

The Chief also reported that he and Captain Steinhorst had attended a seminar on how to deal with irate people.


City Attorney Scheibel stated that September 2 is the confirmation date on the Braun's Employee Cooperative auction of the last of their properties.


City Clerk/Treasurer Elford reported that she and Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Parlow attended a University of Green Bay Clerks and Treasurer's Institute Advisory Board meeting today. This was the last meeting for the City Clerk, who has been on the Advisory Board for the past four years, and this was the first meeting for the Deputy Clerk/Treasurer.

The City Clerk also stated that she would be going back to Green Bay tomorrow for a two day, annual conference of the Wisconsin Municipal Clerk's Association. The elections for the Executive Board will be held at this meeting, of which City Clerk Elford is a nominee for Second Vice President of the association.


City Administrator Schornack reported that he has had no call backs from the three roofing companies he has contacted for estimates on the City Hall roof.

The Administrator then walked the Council through a comparison of Marcus Cable billings to explain the variations in taxes that Marcus lists on their bills. The Administrator has been told by Marcus that this will be corrected on future billings.


Ald. Beyer reported that the Senior Center Committee will be attending the next Park & Recreation Commission meeting.

Ald. Coffman reported that the Sign Committee is in the process of developing a sign inventory in the City. Also members of the Committee have been asked to take photographs of examples of what they consider good or bad signage around the area, outside of Jefferson.

It was also reported that Ald. Wenzel, AT, Ald. Wagner, and Ald. Tennyson did take a tour of Pierce in Appleton and saw how fire trucks are constructed.

Ald. Tennyson, seconded by Ald. Stevens moved to adjourn the August 18, 1998, meeting of the City of Jefferson Common Council. The motion carried unanimously.

These minutes of the August 18, 1998, meeting of the Common Council are uncorrected. Any corrections made thereto will be noted in the proceedings at which time the minutes are approved.

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