Jefferson City Council - Minutes - 2000

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city of jefferson common council
FEBRUARY 1, 2000

The Tuesday, February 1, 2000, meeting of the City of Jefferson Common Council was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Council Chairperson Johann. Members present: Ald. Wagner, Ald. Oppermann, Ald. Wenzel, Ald. Tennyson, Ald. Coffman and Ald. Beyer. Absent was Ald. Stevens and Mayor Brawders. Also present were City Administrator Schornack, City Attorney Scheibel, Police Chief Besel, City Engineer Ludwig and Clerk/Treasurer Parlow.


Sue Reinen, 302 East Puerner Street, addressed the Council regarding city/community image. Ms. Reinen stated that since her assessment problems, numerous people have commented to her on their feelings about the city and city government. She stated that people view the City government as secretive and deceptive and that the City doesn't care about its citizens, only their money. Ms. Reinen noted that recent actions by groups of individuals associated with the walk bridge project, the youth park and senior center were all positive involvements in the community. However, she noted multiple concerns about the City staff, contractors and the governing body. Her first concern was waste in government, she felt that that the City should take a lesson from private business. She noted that a private business has a board of directors they must report to if a profit is not made. She also suggested the possibility of eliminating positions instead of adding. Her second concern was a lack of knowledge. She noted that government is secretive and deceptive. She stated that information should be posted in gas stations and grocery stores and should be written in "normal" language. The third concern was authority. She felt that no one is ever able to give you an answer rather a programmed response of "I can't help you." Fourth, she noted that all residents should be treated with dignity and respect. Ms. Reinen concluded by encouraging the City leaders to create a citizen friendly community for the new millennium.


Ald. Oppermann introduced Proposed Ordinance #1-00 for its second reading.





An Ordinance to Recreate Section 2.11(1)(a) and Create Section 2.11(2)(f) of the Municipal Code of the City of Jefferson Related to Committees of the City Council.

The Common Council of the City of Jefferson do ordain as follows:

Section 1. 2.11(1)(a) There shall be 6 standing committees as follows:

    1. Personnel
    2. Finance
    3. Streets, Health and Sanitation
    4. Regulatory
    5. Committee of the Whole
    6. Public Facilities


Section 2. 2.11(2)(f) Public Facilities Committee. In addition to the duties

assigned elsewhere, the Public Facilities Committee shall be responsible for the


    1. Planning for maintenance, repairs and remodeling of all City owned
    2. facilities except those facilities under the control of the Water & Electric

      Commission and the Wastewater Treatment Plant which is under the policy

      supervision of the Streets, Health and Sanitation Committee.

    3. Recommend repairs of City owned facilities to be included in the following year's proposed budget.
    4. Determining by inspection or otherwise, not less than annually, the need for repairs of each facility. Major repairs are to be included in the proposed five-year capital improvement plan and approved by the Common Council.

Section 3. This ordinance shall take effect upon passage and publication as

required by law.

Ald. Oppermann, seconded by Ald. Tennyson moved to recommend Proposed Ordinance #1-00.

Ald. Oppermann summarized that this ordinance would establish a committee to plan for the maintenance, repairs and remodeling of City facilities.

City Administrator Schornack indicated that this is a very worthwhile committee.

Ald. Wagner encouraged continued department head involvement.

Ald. Johann indicated that herself and Ald. Stevens had encouraged the creation of a committee to oversee the preventative maintenance of City facilities.

Ald. Beyer indicated that the Committee would now offer staff an outlet for department head and other committee concerns.

Motion carried on a voice vote.




BE IT RESOLVED by the Common Council of the City of Jefferson that the consent agenda for February 1, 2000 is hereby adopted.

The consent agenda for tonight includes:

Operator's Licenses

Special Class B Licenses

Ald. Wagner, seconded by Ald. Tennyson moved to recommend Resolution No. 143. On call of the roll, motion carried unanimously.



Ald. Wenzel introduced Resolution No. 144.




BE IT RESOLVED by the Common Council of the City of Jefferson, Wisconsin that the 1999-2000 Non-Union Compensation Plan be amended to include the position of clerk/typist which would be a non-exempt position and would be assigned to pay range 6, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Marilyn Probst who is currently a part-time dispatcher be assigned the position of full-time clerk/typist with a starting pay rate of $7.9120 per hour. In addition Ms. Probst is also eligible for the performance increases at six, eighteen, thirty and forty-two months.

Ald. Wenzel, seconded by Ald. Tennyson, moved to recommend Resolution No. 144. On call of the roll, motion carried unanimously.

Ald. Wenzel noted that the position change was unanimous at Personnel.

Chief Besel indicated that this was a promotion from within.

Ald. Johann indicated that the $7.910 per hour is slightly higher than her current rate.

Ald. Tennyson, seconded by Ald. Beyer, moved to adjourn the February 1, 2000, meeting of the City of Jefferson Common Council. The motion carried on a voice vote.

These minutes of the February 1, 2000, meeting of the Common Council are uncorrected. Any corrections made thereto will be noted in the proceedings at which time the minutes are approved.