City of Jefferson -
Jefferson Development Corporation Minutes

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Jefferson Development Corporation

Tuesday, April 18, 2000

Location: City Hall Meeting Rooms

317 S. Main Street - Jefferson

6:50 a.m. - 8:05 a.m.

Attending: Coffman, Dempsey, Guttenberg, Hamann, Holck, Lewis, Morgan, Olsen, Pierce, Schornack, Thomsen and van Lieshout. Interested Parties: Margaret Beyer, Craig Ellsworth and Cyndi Keller.

1. Call to Order 6:50 a.m. by President Lewis.

2. Approval of Minutes

Motion (Guttenberg/Thomsen) to approve the March 21, 2000 minutes and financials. MOTION CARRIED

3. Introduction of New Board Member

Introductions were made to Roger Holck.

4. Recognition of Outgoing Board Member

Lewis thanked Coffman for his many years of involvement and commitment to economic development through the JDC.

5. Puerner Block Building Update

Copy of March 28th letter from City Administrator Schornack to Russ Endres was distributed. A developer's agreement needs to be completed. Olsen will talk with Endres.

6. Highway 26 Bypass

Update was given. Next Highway 26 Study Committee meeting is April 26th. Both the CIA, on March 21st, and the chamber of commerce, on March 28th, voted to support the bypass and directed Olsen to generate support within the community. Olsen has talked with one of the TPC members. Discussed having the JDC join the Transportation Development Association (TDA) of Wisconsin. Will discuss this at our May meeting. Thomsen reported on meetings he has attended concerning the bypass.

7. Council for Urban Economic Development Conference

Olsen reported on the Council for Urban Economic Development (CUED) Conference he attended last week, titled "Neighborhood Economic Development and Revitalization," which was attended by over 300 economic development professionals from 29 states and 4 countries.

8. Revolving Loan Fund

Olsen explained the purpose of the fund was "bridge" financing to assist businesses that cannot be financed 100% in the private sector. There are currently three companies using the RLF. Discussed the idea of establishing a maximum amount to be loaned to any one business.

Van Lieshout recused himself from the discussion.

9. Downtown Facade Grant Program

Ellsworth updated the board on Steve Ulik's building, the former Ben Franklin. It was suggested that the JDC could offer a number of different programs which may include grants, low interest lows and no interest loans. Van Lieshout explained the low interest loan program offered by the Fort Atkinson Revitalization Committee.

It was suggested that a portion of our funds be used for site preparation in the North Industrial Park. It was stated that there is $160,000 in the Industrial Park Fund. This item will be addressed at our next JDC meeting.

Ellsworth discussed the grant program and how Steve Ulik's building has been configured to provide a public connection between Main Street and the city parking lot behind his building.

Discussed program guidelines. There was a question of who would make sure all of the application requirements are met. There was a question about what the boundaries for the program would be. There was a question about how the program funding would be replenished.

Motion (van Lieshout/Schornack) to direct JDC President Lewis to appoint a committee to draft both a grant program and a loan program for the next JDC meeting. MOTION CARRIED

10. Downtown Revitalization Committee

Next meeting is April 25th to further discuss May Ball plans.

11. Proposal for Miss Kitty's Property

Information has been provided to the city council members regarding a proposal for a senior/community center in Miss Kitty's Dance Ranch.

12. North Industrial Park Prospect

Alderperson Oppermann and Olsen met with a local business interested in moving into the North Industrial Park on March 31st.

13. South Industrial Park Prospect

Discussed proposal for Jefferson Current Electric, Inc. to purchase a 3.06 acre parcel immediately north of the Jefferson Bus Service property. Ross Davis, Current Electric owner, discussed his proposal.

Olsen explained that the deed restrictions on the South Industrial Park differ from those for the North Industrial Park when dealing with site coverage. The proposal from Current Electric is in compliance with the South Industrial Park covenants.

Motion (Morgan/Thomsen) to sell 3.06 acres in the South Industrial Park to Jefferson Current Electric, Inc. at a price of $14,000 per acre. MOTION CARRIED

14. MSA Professional Services

Olsen has met with them and is working with them regarding the Countryside Farm Master Plan.

15. Wisconsin Community Development Institute - May 4th & 5th

Board members should inform Olsen if they would like to attend. The JDC will pay for registration and lodging.

16. Jefferson Historic Preservation Commission

Margaret Beyer gave a presentation. The commission has written to businesses to tell them about their options. The commission meets the first Monday of each month.

17. Riverfront Development

Cyndi Keller gave an update on a number of projects, including the boat dock at Rotary Waterfront Park, the Milwaukee Street Walk Bridge, installing water lines into Rotary Waterfront Park, replacement of plantings in Rotary Waterfront Park which require less maintenance and development plans along the west side of the river near the mouth of the Crawfish River.

Olsen stated the fundraising for the Milwaukee Street Walk Bridge is on target and went very well.

18. Adjourn Meeting adjourned at 8:05 a.m.


Tuesday, May 16, 2000 at 6:45 a.m. at city hall meeting rooms