City of Jefferson -
Jefferson Development Corporation Minutes

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Jefferson Development Corporation

Tuesday, February 16, 1999

Location: Morgan & Myers

146 E. Milwaukee Street - Jefferson

6:50 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.

Attending: Coffman, Dempsey, Fischer, Guttenberg, Hamann, Keiser, Lewis, Morgan, Olsen, Schornack and Thomsen.

1. Call to Order 6:50 a.m. by President Morgan.

2. Approval of Minutes and Financials

Motion (Thomsen/Lewis) to approve minutes of January 19, 1999 meeting with the correction that Thomsen was not present at that meeting. MOTION CARRIED

Motion (Thomsen/Guttenberg) to approve final financial report from 1998. MOTION CARRIED


Discussed that the City of Jefferson will not be funding the JDC in 1999 but the Water and Electric contribution is still expected.

3. Board Membership

Discussed options for getting a representative from PremierBank on the board. Motion (Olsen/Thomsen) to invite a PremierBank representative to serve as an ex-officio member. MOTION CARRIED

4. Election of Vice-President

Motion (Thomsen/Hamann) to nominate Steve Lewis as Vice-President for 1999. Motion (Fischer/Thomsen) to close nomination and cast a unanimous ballot for Steve Lewis. MOTION CARRIED

5. Update on Generac's Warehouse

Generac's expansion is on schedule. They would like to build a warehouse in early 2000 on a 6.2 acre parcel to the east of their current property which is currently owned by Estella Ganser.

Discussed options to meet Generac's needs without spending too much money to acquire that parcel. Directed Olsen and Schornack to meet with Generac to determine their needs and report to the board.

6. Business After Five Evaluation

Board members were thanked for attending. Over 115 people attended and the Wisconsin Main Street Program (downtown revitalization) and Highway 26 Reconstruction Project were discussed.

7. Prospects

Discussed Ben Franklin location (Bill LaVasser's building). Olsen has been talking with the realtor on this property.

Olsen reported that he has been working on getting the former Big A Auto Parts location made into a parking lot. Russ Endres, of Wisconsin Management Company, is planning to develop the Puerner Block Building but needs that parcel made into a parking lot to meet his needs.

Discussed a north industrial park prospect. Olsen gave a tour to their representatives and Jefferson made the first cut. They need 200 acres with rail access and 27 acres would be devoted to parking.

A company selling PrimeStar Satellite dishes will be moving into the north portion of Jack Kuhn's building (former Dollar Store). Olsen met with them recently to offer his assistance.

Discussed Jefferson Furniture and Appliance Store. St. Coletta is using part of that building.

8. Open Meetings

Board reviewed opinion from Miller Law Office. General consensus was that we are not a quasi-governmental agency and we should drop this matter and take no further action until we are challenged. Suggested we write to our elected officials about economic development corporations being exempted.

9. Evaluation of Executive Director

Board members were reminded to return their evaluation forms.

10. CIA Position

Discussed Water & Electric Commission's decision not to release the total funding for the position. It was stated that Mayor Brawders feels now is the time to stop the funding for the position. Schornack reported that Brawders asked him if the position could come into city hall.

General consensus of the board was the number one supporter of economic development should be the utility. Discussed reasons why the position was established and the importance of the executive director not being a city employee. Morgan gave a historical perspective of the formation of the position. Schornack said he felt there was a good balance on the CIA board of directors. Fischer defended the position and suggested that abolishing the position would be a real step backwards. Coffman stated that he used to hear the same complaints when he was the executive director. Morgan said the city would be a big loser if the position is eliminated and suggested we continue working on this issue to make sure the position is not abolished. Fischer said that other communities would laugh at the city if they abolished the position.

11. Milwaukee Street Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge

Discussed the impact of the bridge on the community. General consensus was one of support.

12. Adjourn Meeting adjourned at 8:30 a.m.


Tuesday, March 16, 1999 at 6:45 a.m. at Morgan & Myers Building