City of Jefferson -
Jefferson Development Corporation Minutes

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Jefferson Development Corporation

Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Location: Morgan & Myers

146 E. Milwaukee Street - Jefferson

6:50 a.m. - 8:15 a.m.

Attending: Dempsey, Fischer, Guttenberg, Lewis, Martin, Morgan, Olsen, Pierce, Schornack and Thomsen.

1. Call to Order 6:50 a.m. by President Morgan.

2. Approval of Minutes

Motion (Fischer/Lewis) to approve minutes of August 18, 1998 meeting. MOTION CARRIED

Motion (Martin/Guttenberg) to approve minutes of August 26, 1998 meeting. MOTION CARRIED

3. W & S Concrete Property in South Industrial Park

Tim Weber addressed the Board concerning the sign. General discussion about the sign and the JDC's established procedures. Weber offered to sell the land back to the city if that was our desire. He will talk with Wendorf and they will decide what their next step will be. Motion (Martin/Thomsen) to authorize the purchase of the property from W & S Concrete for the price they have paid to date. MOTION CARRIED

4. Update on (Redacted)

Council gave approval for Olsen to continue talking with (redacted). They expressed concerns about possible environmental issues, the distance from the rest of the industrial park and spending money for this land when we have not yet obtained the Ganser property.

5. Update on Ganser

Mayor Brawders is planning to talk with Estella and appeal to her sense of community good about her property. Guttenberg has not talked with Estella because Estella didn't want to talk with her. It was suggested Olsen and Schornack give Brawders an update prior to his visit with Ganser. It was suggested we ask her to sell a portion of the land or give us an option to purchase.

6. Generac

The Plan Commission granted a waiver on August 26th. The groundbreaking ceremony was September 3rd. Generac has agreed to pay half the utilities for the extension of North Parkway, including that portion which will not service their plant. There was discussion that Generac should not be responsible for infrastructure for the industrial park. Schornack reported that there was no pressure put on Generac to make them pay for the infrastructure. Generac has been very pleased with our assistance. Olsen visited all North Industrial Park businesses and explained the waiver. Discussed Generac's request to allow trailers during construction of new office space.

7. Open Meetings

Discussed whether the JDC is required to comply with Wisconsin Open Meetings Law. It was mentioned that the JCEDC is addressing the same issue right now. It was suggested Olsen contact Haroldson to get the name of the attorney assisting the JCEDC. Motion (Fischer/Thomsen) to have Olsen talk to an attorney regarding this issue with the understanding the JDC desires to remain a private corporation. MOTION CARRIED

8. School Referendum

Pierce discussed the upcoming school referendum. He will be working with different developers in an attempt to find a use for the current middle school. It was suggested he work with Olsen. Martin suggested Randy Alexander in Madison may be helpful.

9. Adjourn Meeting adjourned at 8:15 a.m.


Tuesday, October 20, 1998 at 6:45 a.m. at Morgan & Myers Building