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Mary Ganser
Mary Ellen Ganser on the STH 26 Bypass


February 28, 2000

To the Residents of Jefferson and surrounding townships,

I am writing in regards to the proposed bypass around the City of Jefferson. After attending the recent forum regarding this issue I realized there are a lot of people who didn't know that we could actually say no to the bypass. We really can choose NONE!!

I am disappointed in the fact that the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce has NEVER considered "none" as an option, when asking members of our community their opinions. The recent questionnaire I received asked which option would be best. When the very first Question should be DO YOU WANT A BYPASS? I would doubt the validity of such a questionnaire.

Well I believe we have another option than the ones offered by the DOT and their consulting firms…. We can choose the option of NONE! I don't believe a bypass is necessary. If we really want our community to die then we should just let the DOT go ahead and build their bypass.

Believe me, The Department of Transportation is no ones savior! Maybe the DOT should give us back some of our gas tax money as a rebate too!  Obviously they have too much money to spend on new roads while they let the existing roads deteriorate.

There are so many reasons to NOT have a bypass that I don't intend to mention all of them. My purpose of this letter is to get support for our final option of NONE. 

I intend to circulate a petition that will be forwarded to the state, with copies to interested governments, requesting that they stop the consideration of a bypass around the city of Jefferson. We Don't Want It!

If you are interested in helping me circulate these petitions please call me at 674-2027.

The more people we get involved the more successful we will be. Please HELP.


Mary Ellen Ganser

870 N Dewey Ave.
Jefferson, Wis. 53549