Jefferson County - Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation


Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation

[ Editor's note: the JCEDC disbanded on November 15, 2002. 
Visit the new
County-level economic development web instead.]

Stated mission

From the JCEDC's articles of incorporation: "(A) Communitv Development: (1) To promote constructive, economic and industrial development. (2) To promote the creation and retention of jobs and tax base. (B) Government Assistance: (1) To lessen the burdens of government. (2) To increase aids received from broader governmental units. (C) Education: (1) To promote the training of individuals for the purpose of improving or developing his or her personal and/or workplace capabilities. (2) To promote the instruction for private sector entities on subjects useful to the conduct of business within the community."

From its own literature, "Foster and encourage economic development activities that result in job creation and retention, increased tax base, and an improved quality of life for the citizens of Jefferson County."

Informal mission

"The JCEDC acts as the focal point for guiding and coordinating economic development activities in Jefferson County". See the report at the December 8, 1998 meeting of the County Board.

The JCEDC has participated in the Jefferson County Tourism Council, the Tri-County HOME Consortium, the 2020 Land Plan, and other activities.

It had a web site at


The JCEDC is a non-stock, non-profit, 501(c)(4) corporation created in 1995, as the result of a Countywide Strategic Development Planning Process that began in November 1992

In the summer of 1999, the Executive Director of the JCEDC refused to provide with its by-laws, articles of incorporation, minutes or financial records.  The JCEDC was set up as a private corporation that contracts with the County.  This was done to avoid Wisconsin's open records and open meetings laws.  (See these minutes for an explanation.)

At the December 1999 meeting of the Jefferson Development Corporation (JDC), the JCEDC's by-laws and articles of incorporation were introduced as part of the discussion regarding changes to the JDC's by-laws.  Because the JDC is subject to Wisconsin's open records laws, the JCEDC's by-laws and articles were obtained in an open records request.  Here are its articles of incorporation and its by-laws.

The JCEDC Board consists of:

Sheldon Mielke - President, Fort Atkinson Industrial Corp. (President)
Judy Weter - Village of Johnson Creek Administrator (Vice President)
John Givens - Director, Ixonia Industrial Park (Secretary)
Brian Purtell - Controller, Modern Fence Technologies (Treasurer)
D. Jae Ames - Jefferson County Highway Department
Joseph Lasch - Vice-President, Greenwood State Bank
Frederick Holaus - City Clerk, City of Waterloo
Mike Stumpf - Director, Whitewater City Development Authority
Tom Spitz - Chief Financial Officer, National Finance Corp.
Chris Ott - President, Johnson Bank
Belle Luhman - Century 21 Property Mart
David Olsen - Jefferson Commerce and Industry Association
Dale Horton - Village Clerk / Treasurer, Sullivan
Jerry Mason - R & R Insurance
Gaylin Morgan - Marketing Consultant
Steve Grabow - Community Development Advisor, UW-Extension


No information available.


In 1999, the JCEDC received $71,000 from the County Board.  Each participating city also contributes based on population.   For example, in 1998 the City of Jefferson contributed $4,992.  This amount wasn't discussed by or approved directly by the City Council.  Instead, it was paid by the Jefferson Development Corporation, who received the money from the City of Jefferson in earlier years under the guise of developing the City's business parks.


The JCEDC is located in the Jefferson County Workforce Development Center.

The JCEDC pays rent of $9.40 per square foot per year.  Other organizations in the Workforce Development Center, such as Opportunities, the Private Industry Council, Wisconsin Job Service and Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, pay $13.58 per square foot per year.  See County Board resolution 99-26.


Executive Director Marilyn Haroldson, plus two part-time office staff.


None available.