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"Araiguma Rasukaru" Episode Guide in German, translated roughly by computer to English

Rascal, the waschbaer

In the forest found
Controversy over Rascal
Animal male nurse searched
See again with nut/mother
The gift for Oskar
A heavy parting
Large running
Sammy does not give up
Robbys most beautiful day
Marthas large purchase
A disappeared sugar cube
Attendance from Chicago
The first holidays day
The disappeared ring
Robby finds a grandmother
The large celebration
Dangerous picknick
A new friend
The thing with the ear of corn
Controversy with father
On large travel
The bear on the roof
Noise around Tanga
The travel with the kanu
The Rehkitz
Summer celebration at the lake
A heavy resolution
In the cage
The ill swan
The traitorous melon
Emperor, king, begging man
The trick with the butterfass
The falling plates
Preparation to the hunt
A surprising marriage
Finally a job
A misfortune comes rarely alone
When does father come?
The forgotten birthday
Race with Mr. Saimon
A strange patient
To what do I give father?
Jessicas secret
The fight on the ice
However in the snowstorm
Grandmother cilia substitutes
The birth of the calf
As one a horse zaehmt
A house from snow
On Brautschau
Parting from the friends
Parting from the Visconsinsee

Source: Premiere junior

Episode 1: Found in the Woods
Robby lives with his family in Wisconsin. While fishing with friend Oscar, a shot suddenly rings out: the victim is a mother raccoon. Robby takes her cub home with him.

Episode 2: Quarrel over Rascal
Robby is stressed: He has to learn how to feed little raccoon Rascal. Oscar's mother helps him with this. Everything seems to be going well until pastry chef's son Sammy shows up.

Episode 3: Animal keeper wanted
Robby and his father want to go to Milwaukee to visit Robby's sick mother. But there is a big problem: someone has to look after baby raccoon Rascal and the other animals in the meantime.

Episode 4: Reunion with mother
Robby meets his mother again in the hospital. His sister Theodora is there too. Everyone hopes that the forthcoming operation will be a success and that the mother will finally be able to go home again.

Episode 5: The present for Oskar
Oscar kept his promise and took good care of Robby's animals. Only when they are at home does Robby remember that he should bring his friend a present.

Episode 6: A difficult farewell
Robby keeps having trouble with his raven Poh. This often disturbs the devotion in the church with its croaking. One neighbor in particular is very angry about this.

Episode 7: The big race
Saimon has become the proud owner of a car. With his driving skills he scares the whole town. Mike, who hates cars, continues to rely on his horse.

Episode 8: Sammy
Doesn't Give Up Sammy, who still wants Robby's raccoon, suggests a jumping race. Not the two of them, but two frogs should jump on their behalf.

Episode 9: Robbie's best day
Robby's mother comes home after a successful operation. Everyone hopes that she will get well soon. She happily greets the animals. With Rascal, it's love at first sight.

Episode 10: Martha's big purchase
Poh steals everything that glitters. This time Robby's girlfriend Martha is the victim. To comfort Martha, Robby kills his piggy bank.

Episode 11: A missing sugar cube
Robby's mother, against the will of the housekeeper, has enforced that Rascal is allowed to sit at the table in Robby's former high chair. Already there are problems.

Episode 12: Visit from Chicago
Robby's sister Jessica is spending her semester break at home. Jessica meets the raccoon Rascal when she almost sits on him.

Episode 13: The first day of
vacation Finally it's vacation time. Robby goes fishing and is lucky: a giant catfish bites. When he proudly comes home with it, he finds out that his mother is getting worse again.

Episode 14: The missing ring
Robby's mother has died. Now the boy is alone with his father. Theodora has to leave the two soon too. But before that, a small incident happens.

Episode 15: Robby finds a grandmother
Robby went fishing with Oscar. Suddenly they hear calls for help from the nearby forest. An old woman has stumbled and cannot get up on her own. It turns out to be Cilia, the mother of the new stationmaster Stevenson.

Episode 16: The big party
Because the boys in the forest helped her so nicely, Cilia has an idea: she arranges a big party for the two cavaliers. However, this happens against the will of Oskar's father.

Episode 17: Dangerous Picnic
Father, grandmother, Robby and his little friend Rascal go on a trip into the countryside. During the fun picnic, however, no one pays attention to the raccoon, which goes its own way.

Episode 18: A new friend
Cilia tells the others some news: a little further down in the forest there is an abandoned hut. Robby's father recalls that a good friend of his had a hunting lodge in the area. Everyone sets off and finds the hut. They meet a young man who lives in them.

Episode 19: The thing with the corn on the cob
Robby, Oscar and Alice are unlucky: They are attacked by a gang of masked boys while playing. It's Sammy and his cronies, and of course they want to get Robby from Rascal again.

Episode 20: Quarrel with father
The farmers are mad at Rascal: Every night the raccoon is out and gets fresh corn cobs from the fields. The annoying robber is to be shot.

Episode 21: On a long journey
Flora, Alice and Robby are on vacation. On the way they have a car breakdown. Unnoticed, Rascal climbs into the car from the friendly roadside helpers.

Episode 22: The Bear on the Roof
Robby and Rascal have finally reached Carl's. There the friends experience how Carl lives in friendship with many wild animals. Among them is Tanga, a teenage bear. However, when he starts to cover the roof of his uncle's hotel, there is trouble.

Episode 23: Quarrel over Tanga
There's trouble again with Rascal's little bear friend Tanga. He sneaks into the room of a jeweler's wife, who faints from the shock.

Episode 24: The canoe trip
Alice and Robby have discovered their love for water sports. Now they want to go camping in a canoe for a few days. They have many adventures to face.

Episode 25: The fawn
Robby and Alice have been canoeing for two days. They make the acquaintance of a mother deer who, with the help of Rascal, leads them to her sick fawn. The two immediately decide to bring the helpless fawn to Carl.

Episode 26: Summer party at the lake
Carl's uncle is planning a big summer party at the lake and invites everyone. The fawn is healthy and should be brought back. With a heavy heart, Robby decides to take this opportunity to say goodbye to Rascal forever. But nothing will come of it.

Episode 27: A difficult decision
The beautiful days at Three Lake are over. Back home, Robby has to build a cage for Rascal. He can hardly bring himself to do it. By the time the cage is complete, Rascal will be given a collar and leash. Unfortunately, Robbie's entire life savings go into it.

Episode 28: In the cage
With a heavy heart, Robby started to build a cage. When he's finally done, Rascal rages and screams in the cage until he's allowed back in Robby's bed.

Episode 29: The sick swan
Alice finds a sick little swan on her way to school. She takes him to school. The teacher encourages everyone to bring their pets. Robby is accompanied by Rascal.

Episode 30: The treacherous melon
Sammy causes trouble: He claims that Rascal's bite is so bad that he can't go to school. He has a badly bandaged hand, but when Robby and the teacher visit him and bring him a melon, Sammy greedily grabs the melon with what is said to be a bad hand.

Episode 31: Kaiser, K├Ânig, beggar
Robby and Oscar have decided to go to the fairground even without money. Thanks to Rascal, who finds a lost hat, the two even get a finder's reward.

Episode 32: The trick with the butter churn
Alice is very troubled. She nursed a swan back to health and now she cannot part with it. Flora and Robby convince her to let the bird fly again.

Episode 33: The trappers
Oscar has discovered a colony of muskrats. With the money for the skins, Robby could buy material for his canoe. Before the chase begins, Simon and Mike bicker.

Episode 34: Preparation for the hunt
Robby and Oscar have set up traps. Then they learn that the people who used to buy their skins want to switch to raccoon skins.

Episode 35: A surprising marriage
Carl is on his way to Brailes Ford. On the way he meets Mr. Ascher, whose car got stuck in the mud. Carl helps him and loses a small box in the process. Arriving at the Stevenson family, he surprises everyone by asking to be allowed to marry Flora.

Episode 36: Finally a job
Mr. Ascher is looking for a newspaper boy. Robby gets the job. He does good business. People like to buy a newspaper from the nice boy with the funny raccoon on his shoulder. This is how Robby gets to know an old man who lives all alone in a house.

Episode 37: A misfortune rarely comes alone
In the city the flu is grazing. Robby comes to Uncle Alfred and Aunt Lilian in the country. He settles in there quickly. Soon he can even milk.

Episode 38: When is father coming?
Robby is still with his relatives. His father hasn't been heard from. Then Oscar and Alice, together with their dog Caro, come to visit as a surprise. Everyone is having a great time, but time is running out and Robby is alone again.

Episode 39: The forgotten birthday It
's Robby's birthday. On his special day, he finally doesn't have to clean and cook himself. Because fortunately Theodora announced herself. But there is trouble.

Episode 40: Race with Mr. Saimon
Martha wants to play with Rascal. When she opens the cage, the raccoon escapes. After a fruitless search, Martha runs home crying, where she meets Mr. Saimon. When he learns that Rascal is walking around loose, he immediately fetches the shotgun.

Episode 41: A strange patient
Rascal does not come out of his sleeping den one morning. Much to Robby's chagrin, his little friend turns out to be sick. Through a trick and with the help of Oscar and Alice, the children smuggle the sick raccoon into Dr. Gain.

Episode 42: What am I giving father?
Christmas is around the corner. Robby thinks about the gifts. Rascal is so mesmerized by the shiny baubles on the Christmas tree that Robby has to uncover the tree.

Episode 43: Jessica's secret
The glove maker has not delivered the promised goods. Now Robby has no present for his father. He persuades Mr. Hendrick to take him to the neighboring village where the glover Gilby lives. There they meet a desperate family.

Episode 44: The fight on the ice
Robby's pride and joy are his new ice skates. Finally he can do his rounds with Alice on the nearby lake. Too bad Oscar doesn't have skates.

Episode 45: Alone in the snowstorm
A heavy snowstorm is approaching Brailesford. The school will be closed. All the children flee home from the impending storm. There Robby waits in vain for his father.

Episode 46: Grandmother Cilia jumps in
Robby's father survived the night in the snow. However, his health is not very good. The doctor orders bed rest and grandmother Cilia comes to visit.

Episode 47: The birth of the calf
Robby is with Uncle Alfred and Aunt Lilian. Although he is in good hands, he is very concerned about his ailing father. The imminent birth of a calf is a welcome opportunity to get the sad Robby to think differently.

Episode 48: How to tame a horse
Life on the farm with uncle and aunt takes its course. Only the initially unsuccessful attempt to train the gray Didi and an accident on the ice that was just avoided bring some change to Robby's life. He longingly awaits news from his father.

Episode 49: A house made of snow
Alice and Oscar have come up with something great for Robby's return home: they are building an igloo. The friends want to celebrate their reunion. Unfortunately they didn't count on Sammy.

Episode 50: Looking for a bride
It's finally here: After half a year, Robby's self-built and self-paid canoe is ready. Unfortunately, he won't be able to ride it much longer now. Oscar, who has been so diligent in helping him build it, will get it.

Episode 51: Farewell to friends
For Robby and his friends the last week in Bralesford started. They all want to go fishing again. Robby will then show them all his secret river fishing spots. Mr. Saimon comes to make a last noise.

Episode 52: Farewell to Lake Visconsin
The time has come: After saying goodbye to the teacher, Robby now has his second and probably hardest farewell. Sadly, he drives Rascal across Lake Wisconsin to the other shore.