Highway 26 Corridor Study

Highway 26 Corridor Study

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The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) - District 1 is conducting a study of the the transportation needs of the entire Highway 26 corridor between Janesville at Interstate 90 and Highway 60 East, north of Watertown. 

The Highway 26 Study will recommend how to meet the long term transportation needs of the Highway 26 corridor.  The alternatives include possible bypasses for the cities of Milton, Jefferson and Watertown. In the next 30 years, traffic is expected to almost double on Highway 26.  A relatively high percentage of the traffic is trucks that could be diverted by bypasses.

Public information meetings

For more information about the public information meetings held in June 1999, January 2000 and future meetings, and reports of past meetings, see the Meetings page.


To learn more about why the study is being done, a schedule of the project, and information on the objectives of the project, see the Purpose page.

Maps of bypass alternatives

The corridor is divided into three segments, Watertown, Jefferson and Milton.  See these pages for detailed maps and explanations of the objectives of each proposed bypass.

Environmental Impact Statement

The study will conclude with an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) as required by federal and state law.  For more information about the EIS, as well as the matrix of estimated effects on agricultural, environmental, land use, economic and traffic issues, see the EIS page.

Eminent Domain

Many citizens are most curious about the process by which the State of Wisconsin can take private property.  The State produces a guide to eminent domain law.  See the Eminent Domain page.

Contact info

For more information on how to reach the WisDOT project manager, the engineers or the public information coordinator for the project, see the Contact page.

Jefferson Banner Opinion page

If you have a lot to say, send your letter-to-the-editor to and we'll add it in a permanent fashion to the Jefferson Banner opinion page.  We can even include pictures or maps if you have them.

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