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Bill Krupinski
Bill Krupinski

Many of you may know Bill as "The Sign Wizard".   He's also an accomplished editorial cartoonist. 

It shouldn't take long for you to see where Bill stands on an issue.

In His Own Words

This is the introduction to the book "Cartoon Caucus," a collection of Krupinski's editorial cartoons. 

Sure, I've been called a cynic, a nut-case, and even a "radical extremist" and worse.  Cynical, sometimes, when you look at some of the cold and callous things people do.  And a nut-case?  Well, you have to be a little crazy to draw cartoons in the first place.  As for "radical extremist" - is it "radical" to demand respect for other humans and "extreme" to expect the same for the Earth we live on?  Besides, I like to save that phrase for people I disagree with!

And I like to stay with state and local officials and issues in my work because, as the saying goes; "All politics is local."  While I'd like to think I'm doing an important job by keeping pressure on politicians to stay honest, truth is I'm just a guy with a pen and some wild ideas about free speech.

Either way, I draw cartoons for the fun; it's like the time a reporter asked country singer Willie Nelson why he smoked marijuana and Willie said: "It keeps me from killing people."

Hope you like 'em!

Yer pal,

Bill Krupinski

With his pen

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On the Fall of Big Blue

July 14, 1999

Dear Editor,

Call me hysterical if you want, but I'm placing the blame for the deaths at Miller Park (in Milwaukee on July 13) where it belongs - on Tommy Thompson and Bud Selig!  Why?

In the sort of news snippet you only hear once, an ironworker was being interviewed on Channel 4 a few hours after the disaster as to why they would be trying to hoist a 400 ton structure in a heavy (35 mph) wind.  His answer; they (the construction crew) were under intense pressure from higher-ups to get that stadium built as quick as possible.

Yes, in their corporate greed and arrogance, Tommy, Bud, and all their corporate leech cohorts have caused the collapse of their own distorted dream and the deaths of three (last count) honest and innocent citizens.

As an outraged taxpayer I demand an open and honest investigation of this horrible crime.  Federal agencies involved should have a larger oversight capacity to prevent a cover-up.  In fact, human rights have been violated, people have died, would it be out of the question to bring in the United Nations Human Rights Commission for an independent and Objective investigation of its own?

At the least, I would hope the residents of our state take to the streets in protest and demand justice for the victims of Tommy, Bud and their buddies!


William J. Krupinski